The funniest magician I have ever seen

Let me get YOUR guests laughing and having a fabulous time!

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Are you planning an event or party? Have you been asked to organise the annual works do (as well as the other 2,456 things on your to do list)? Are you worried that your guests will be bored, or maybe you’re just feeling mentally drained, wondering how you’re actually going to be able to enjoy your wedding day, while you’re spending all your time stressing about the entertainment?

As an experienced, reliable and professional magician, let me take the pressure off by entertaining your guests and by getting them laughing.

Hi! I’m John, a table magician who specialises in entertaining guests at weddings, corporate events and private parties throughout the UK. Based in the North West of England, near Chester, I perform amazing magic tricks and I’m also a stand up comedian, so I’m quite funny too.

If you’re after someone to both astound your guests with magic that happens right under their noses AND get them laughing…I’m your man!

Our guests were in a combination of hysterics and bewilderment throughout the performance, one of them said “what ever you paid for that guy…it was worth it!”.

As one of the very few full time professional close up magicians in the UK (also often referred to as “table magicians”), I spend a lot of time performing magic;- entertaining corporate and wedding guests like yours – and I love doing it! 🙂

If you’ve never booked a magician before, I know it can be a strange and weird process. As you scour over vast amounts of magician websites, it can be a really hard job to spot the good ones from the bad.

And you don’t definitely don’t want a “BAD” magician!

You probably have a lot of questions, such as:

  • What is the difference between a “Table Magician” and a “close up magician” (this sounds like the set up to a terrible joke!)?
  • When would be the best time to have a close up magician perform at my wedding?
  • Do close up magicians need a special area or stage to perform in?
  • Can you put my phone into a bottle or walk on water, like that Dynamo chap off the telly? 🙂

You know that you’re not looking for just ANY magician; someone who can just “do a few, quick tricks” – anyone can do that. No, you want to book a professional ENTERTAINER – a magician that you can trust to entertain your nearest and dearest…and maybe even your boss too!

You want a RELIABLE, PROFESSIONAL and ENTERTAINING magician that you know is going to show up (on time!) and perform mind blowing, fabulous magic that your guests will talk about!

Send me an email to see if I’m available for your party

You need a magician that can make YOU look great by giving your guests a fabulous time.

I can do that. 🙂

Magician and comedian John Holt performing at a recent event
Don’t worry or stress about your guests having a bad time at your party. Let me get them laughing!

He kept in touch regularly during the booking process and I was 100% confident that he was the right choice before I’d even met him!

When you book me to entertain your guests, you can relax in the peace of mind knowing that I’ve been booked to perform magic for some of the biggest corporate clients in the world, including:

  • Pepsi
  • BAE systems
  • Unilever
  • Tesco
  • Paddy Power
  • AstraZeneca
  • The Daily Mail
  • SKY

Basically…you’re in safe hands.

John’s magic act along with his incredible personality went down a storm at our staff party!

I’m also a full member of Equity, the actor’s union, so you know that I’m a professional and reliable entertainer and I also have Public Liability Insurance, with coverage up to £10m, so you can rest assured should anything go wrong (it never has, but it’s always nice to know that it’s there!).

Equity image for john Holt professional magician The booking process for your office event is also really quick and easy too – with booking contracts and invoicing all done online, using just a few clicks of your mouse! You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your favourite chair, so there’s no worries about anything being lost in the post (though you can still do it that way if you prefer!).

John’s magic act along with his incredible personality went down a storm at our staff party!

Wedding magic that will get your guests laughing!
Relax and enjoy YOUR special day by booking wedding magician John Holt

John doesn’t leave anything to chance. I was so impressed with the professionalism that he showed throughout the event. Any fears that I had were put to bed when I witnessed him working the crowd into a frenzy. He will leave your guests flabbergasted!

Aside from being a magician, I’m also a comedian, comedy writer and performer. I’ve studied improvisational comedy at the world famous Comedy Store, as well as winning a “New Comedian of the Year” award in 2014 (on my third ever stand up gig!). I love combining magic and comedy to create unique interactions that make sure your guests are actually ENTERTAINED and having FUN! The magic will be great but, more than that, they’ll be laughing too!

Not only is John a great magician but he is an amazing entertainer, he had us all laughing together

If you’re arranging a family party, you’ll be wanting a magician who your sure can entertain ALL of your guests, including the young kids and older relatives. As the resident corporate magician for Everton Football Club, St Helens Rugby League team, as well at the Rugby Super League, I’m very experienced in performing for family audiences. All of my magic and comedy is family friendly, so you don’t have to worry about me offending your Aunt Fran or Uncle Roger, or scaring any of your children (although that service is available for an extra fee!). Nobody will be embarrassed, or made to look stupid – it’s just good, clean (dis)honest fun!

Everyone from my 4 year old nephew to my 90 year old grandfather thoroughly enjoyed your time with us. I didn’t realise you were also a comedian! My brother and I provide the best barbecue ever, and all everyone wants to talk about is YOU!

As one of the UK’s top wedding magicians, I’ve learned why close up magic works so well and how it can help you. Please have a look at my Guide To Booking A Wedding Magician. It’s full of useful ideas on how a wedding magician can take the hassle and worry out of your big day by getting your guests laughing and having a great time. If there’s any other way you think I can help, please don’t hesitate to ask, as I’ve met a lot of superb wedding suppliers on my travels and am more than happy to help with any recommendations.

John, Thank you so much for entertaining our wedding guests last Friday. We were so sorry not to have a moment to spend with you especially when we heard from all of our guests that you were fabulous and funny too!

Aside from being entertaining and amazing, my magic is flexible enough to suit pretty much any situation you can put me in. Just give me enough space to breathe (comfortably, if at all possible) and I can start performing magic!

Click here to email me to check my availability for YOUR party!

I’ve worked in tiny houses, rammed with people, outside at a BBQ while it was blowing a hurricane (well, that’s what it felt like!) and also in a swimming pool! I don’t need any special lights, make up, secret assistants, tables, stages, gazebos or trap doors. I carry everything in my pockets, so wherever your guests are, I can perform.

Just point me in the direction of your guests and I’ll get them laughing!

Not only are you getting a magician for your money you are getting someone that is sure to make you laugh out loud.

If you’re having a REALLY big celebration, such as a corporate event, you might be wanting more than one magician to make sure that everybody gets to see some magic and have some fun. Don’t worry as I can help with this too!

As one of the very few full time magicians in the UK, I know all of the other top professionals and can easily arrange for one, two or even a small army of high quality magicians to perform at your event, so let me do all the hard work and find them for you! Oh, and don’t worry, I only ever recommend magicians that I know and trust – magicians that I would happily have perform at my own party or wedding! In fact, I recently had to do this for the rugby Super League Grand Final – where I had to source some extra magicians to cover the 2,200 hospitality guests at Old Trafford in Manchester!

Well, what can I say, the crowd loved you! So many of the guests told me “my god, that magician is fabulous”!

So, if you’re holding an event in the near future, and are looking for something to get your guests laughing and having fun, click here to get in touch, or fill in the enquiry form below. If you have any questions that I haven’t answered here, please ask. I’m more than happy to help in any way that I can to make your event the best it can be!

Corporate magician John Holt
Corporate entertainment that will get your guests laughing!
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What do people say about John's magic ?

Just a quick note to thank you for Saturday night, you helped make it a huge success. Everyone commented on how good you were and what a nice guy you are. When you sent me the initial price you advised that you are not the cheapest magician out there, which is true, but I think you are absolutely 100% value for money which is more important than the face-value cost. We will definitely be hiring you again.

A. Pollitt, Bolton

Thank you for entertaining our fabulous guests on Saturday. You went down a storm. We were sorry not to get to see you and your amazing talents! We’re both very grateful. Many, many thanks once again – Michelle and Barry. 🙂

Barry and Michelle, Grosvenor Pulford Hotel in Chester

I would totally recommend John Holt. I booked John for my mother in-law’s 70th birthday, as I wanted him to help get the party going and also to make it really memorable – and he did! He turned up early to have a chat with us as hosts before most of the party (including the birthday girl) landed. John made sure that he saw everyone. He had lots of tricks – making limes appear and re-appear, as well as lots of different funny card tricks. The best thing was that he had good banter – many guests found him hilarious and even the sceptical ones loved him. He mingled around the different groups of people which varied from age 16 to 80. He was brilliant and the birthday girl loved it. If you’re looking for someone to entertain your guests with good humour and excellent magic tricks then I would really recommend John.

L Hunt, Cheshire

Absolutely brilliant and highly recommended. We hired John for our works Christmas party – amazing magic and had us all entertained with his jokes!! Worth every penny!!

J. Mistry, TMI Foods, Northampton

Thank you so much for performing at our wedding, you have had so many compliments! The guests were amazed at how amazing you were!! We just wished we had paid for longer!!

Abi and Luke, Tyn Dwr Hall

Well, what can I say, the crowd loved you. So many of the guests told me “my god, that magician is fabulous!”

K. Sawbridge, Bridgnorth

I’m so glad now that I sacked off buying a new dress and booked you instead! 😉

Esther Cartwright, Ellesmere Port

We’ve just returned from a fantastic honeymoon in Porto, Portugal. Can we just send you a huge thank you for being a part of our wedding day! We have heard nothing but good reports from our guests and we will treasure the playing card you gave us as one of our memories of the day. We will be sure to pass on recommendations to anyone who is looking for that special touch for any event.

Chris and Karen Deegan

We had booked John for my wife’s 70th birthday bash and he was truly the icing on the birthday cake. He is an amazing magician who combines his unique array of tricks with touches of comedy which gets everyone laughing as well as being totally bemused by the magic.  “How did he do that?” was a question on all our lips trick after trick. Thank you John for making the evening very special.

B. Williams, Shrewsbury

We would like to thank you for an excellent time on Saturday, it was amazing and got the evening off to a great start. The photos we have show the good time people were having and over breakfast yesterday, some of them were talking through the magic tricks and remembering the evening. I keep smiling each time I think of the tricks!  It was truly amazing and great the way you interacted with everyone (even the difficult people!!) was brilliant. Thank you for making this a memorable time for us and our guests. I hope you don’t mind, but I have passed your contact details onto the venue. They have a file of musicians and entertainment acts that she gives to any potential guests and she would like to add your details to the list, following our recommendation.

K. Rochford, Wirral

We booked John to come along for our Son’s 21st birthday gathering with ages ranging from 3-80 and a small guest list of around 40.  He was brilliant! An amazing magician but much more than that as he’s a fantastic entertainer. He kept in touch regularly during the booking process and I was 100% confident that he was the right choice before I’d even met him! He had everyone enraptured with his magic and his personality – my guests literally followed him around the tables because they were that impressed by him! Everyone was talking about him. I would strongly recommend John to anyone looking for a reliable, entertaining and clever magician.  Put simply he is Magic! Thank you !!

Tracey Bailey, Lancashire

John was one of the best things that could have happened on our launch night. I just kept hearing the phrase “that guy just blew my mind!”. Everyone was really impressed and also found John very witty and entertaining.

Sam Ryley, One Chair project in Chester

We had some fantastic feedback, the only regret is that we should have hired you for longer! We look forward to working with you again next year!

Darlington Building Society

John attended my 50th birthday party and…WOW!!! This is one very witty, funny and talented guy.
Two hours of pure astounding entertainment. All my family and friends were amazed at his tricks, John knows how to entertain his audience. Thank you so much John for making my birthday party so special!

PJ, Hyde, Manchester

We booked John for our wedding and it was one of the best decisions we made.  Our guests were in a combination of hysterics and bewilderment through out the performance and one of Tracey’s cousins said to me “what ever you paid for that guy Matt, it was worth it!”.

Matt and Tracey, Preston, Lancashire

You were absolutely brilliant at our wedding – everyone was pretty amazed, and even though a few of them watched you a number of times, they still couldn’t work out how you did it. We were all completely delighted with you and will definitely recommend you. Awesome!

Trevor Cunningham, Manchester

What a great night! Everyone from my 4 year old nephew to my 90 year old grandfather thoroughly enjoyed your time with us. I didn’t realise you were also a comic! My brother and I provide the best barbecue ever and all everyone wants to talk about is YOU. Thanks for a great night John, I won’t hesitate to recommend you to everybody.

Dave Bellis, Buckley, Flintshire

Thank you so much for being very entertaining on Sunday. Everybody thought you were amazing!

D. Williams, Liverpool

I had been advised to book John after a friend had witnessed one of his performances at a corporate event. Arriving in plenty of time to weigh up the venue and the early crowd goers, John doesn’t leave anything to chance. I was so impressed with the professionalism that John showed throughout the event. Initially I didn’t know what to expect from John. Any fears that I had were put to bed when I witnessed him working the crowd into a frenzy. He will leave your guests flabbergasted! He also brings humour to his magic ensuring a great experience for guests. A great asset to have early in a party to break any ice and get people talking. Will definitely use again. Thanks John!

R., Whiston, Liverpool

Many thanks for contributing to a great night, everyone loved the magic and has been a hot topic since! I have no hesitation in recommending you and hope we can utilise your skills again in the future. Once again many thanks for your efforts on the night – Ash had a great time!

P. Davis, Chester

Thank you so much for your show on Saturday. So many people said they haven’t laughed so much in ages! Very clever skills combined with an ability to draw people into the whole process. If I have another ‘do’ I would definitely book you again but in the meantime will highly recommend you!!

C. Meggison, Yorkshire

Wow! John was the talking point of my husband’s 40th birthday celebrations. Everyone was amazed with the close up magic. A lovely gentleman who mingled with our guests with ease. I would recommend John to anyone without hesitation!

J. Makin, Wigan

A massive thank you from all of us! Everyone enjoyed your magic and persona – you made Kyle’s night. Thanks again John!

A. Wright, Stoke

Many thanks for Saturday night. We thoroughly enjoyed it and everyone really enjoyed your magic. It was exactly what we envisaged and our daughter has thoroughly enjoyed doing the trick you taught her on everyone she comes into contact with !!!

Thanks again! 🙂

C & G. Pemberton, Lancashire

John you now have legendary status – everyone loved you – just brilliant! Thanks so much – you are even better in real life!

Kate N, Chester

Thank you for performing at our event. The feedback we received about you said that you were BRILLIANT! I am just disappointed I was on greeting duty and missed out.

C. Taylor, BAE Systems

I was going to email you today but you beat me to it! I will pass your kind words on to my Dad. Thanks so much for last night, the guests were raving about you over breakfast this morning! We would definitely book you again if the occasion arises. Thanks again!

K. Furniss, Blackburn

Thanks again for coming to our party. Everyone is still talking about you – they had a wonderful time. Really wonderful experience. Many thanks!

Sandra K., Chester

Thank you once again for a memorable night. Everyone thought you were fantastic and were  impressed with your magic skills and personality – just our type of humour. My husband also thought you were really good and he used to be in the magic circle! We all thought you were fantastic with the children too!

P. Haslam, Liverpool

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for Friday! You were amazing at our charity masquerade party, it was the added extra that really made the night and the guests loved it. Thank so much and we can’t wait to book you again, see you at the next event!

Molly Whelan, Empowering Youth Foundation

Thank you so much, everybody loved you!!! It really added something extra. My sister loved it!

R. Ambler, Liverpool

Great tricks! Everyone loved what you did! They were still talking about you the next day!

Tracy Robinson, Chester

Thanks for keeping people entertained at Adam’s party last night…everybody was really impressed and it really gave the evening something special! I think we will be talking about it (and puzzling over your tricks) for quite some time. Adam can’t remember much about the later part of the evening, but was telling me this morning how much he enjoyed meeting you and how he was trying his hardest to work out how you did it! Thanks again

Mandy Snee, Heswall.

Everyone I have spoken to thought you were fantastic and thoroughly enjoyed the magic you entertained them with, even Aga from Birmingham and the many Stu MacLarens from Chester! The trick you did for me with that marked card was superb as well and is a card I will keep for quite a while. Thanks again!

S. MacClaren, Hoole

Everyone was completely blown away by the magic! Thank you for helping to make my party such a success!

Sheila Shennan, Liverpool

Have been meaning to get in touch just to thank you so much for making my mums party such a great evening. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed your magic and have not stopped commenting on it. My nieces were in awe of you, they just love magicians, and you obviously brought out the devil in some people….making grannies wanting to pole dance and several apartment keys being waved under your nose! Many thanks once again, you have a great personality, thoroughly enjoyed you being there, and would not hesitate to contact you again or recommend you to anyone.

Rita and Gary Sharp, Stockport

I just want to say a great big thank you for yesterday. Everyone enjoyed your tricks and your chat. We knew where you were by the laughter! Everyone spoke highly of you – Brilliant!

Elaine Mullen, Gateshead

We hired John for our Golden Wedding celebration party and he was fabulous. He had to compete with continuous Jazz and a continuous supply of food to our 80 guests, but he overcame all the diversions. He engaged fully with all our guests from age 8 to 80, tailoring his presentation to enthral and amuse those in front of him. Overall an excellent magician and entertainer – book him, you’ll be pleased you did!

Alan Roberts, Willaston

We had John for our wedding. He was absolutely brilliant – all the guests said how amazing he was, we cant wait for another event to come up so we can book him again!

Vicky Davies, Chester

My husband and I had a anniversary soiree and secured John to perform for our guests. We met John on the day, and I have to say he came across as a lovely man and was keen to make sure the event went off well and take some of the pressure off me and my husband. True to his word, as soon as guests arrived, he began to mix and mingle. The laughter we heard from our guests being entertained indicated that John was being well received and a very good choice. This was further confirmed when we spoke to our guests who ranged from 7 years to 80 years old, some of whom can be harsh critics, and everyone spoke very highly of him and how marvellous his act was. They advised they were entertained, shared a laugh and were very impressed with him. I would not hesitate to once again secure the services of John. Highly recommended.

Sylvia Reynolds, Liverpool

Just a quick note to thank you for your efforts last night. There was some great feedback from the tables and you made a lot of fans! I also appreciate your easy working style, which makes a lot easier for us as organisers.

Andy Morrison, GroceryAid

I just wanted to send an email to you to say a big ‘thank you’ for coming along to my fiftieth birthday celebrations and helping make the night so memorable. Everybody really enjoyed the magic and had a great time meeting you. They were delighted and baffled by the magic. You certainly helped get the night off to a great start!

A. Pike, Hertfordshire

You were amazing and really I should be the one thanking you, for leaving our friends and family in a state of complete bewilderment and awe!  Having you at the party really gave the evening a certain flair!

Matt Thornton, Hertfordshire

I was looking for ways to make my Mothers 80th birthday celebration memorable in any way possible…
Having ruled out a male stripper and such like, I luckily happened upon John’s web site and having read various recommendations decided that he was just the ticket! What a brilliant decision! The personalised touch of close up magic delivered in a very entertaining and witty manner really impressed our guests. Many thanks again. Highly recommended!

Simon Keys, Pontefract

We had the pleasure of John’s magicalness at a Christmas event we were organising and I can honestly say the 2 hours flew by! John seemed to have a knack of being able interact with each guest, making them comfortable enough to participate and be involved. He worked the table so everyone saw his magic tricks and I can honestly say I still cannot fathom how he did them! If you’re looking for a genuinely talented and fun entertainer, who will seriously impress, then John is your man.

Daily Mail Group

John was amazing !! People were constantly saying to us the magician was incredible!! And how did he do that !!! We cannot recommend him enough. Don’t think about it: book him; you will have such a successful event ! Thank you so much for making our wedding so special Sam and Dean x

Sam and Dean, Northamptonshire

With our utmost thanks and gratitude…you are still being talked about and probably will be for some time to come – thanks! I hope its not too long before we have the pleasure of your magical company again.

M. Lester, Cheshire

I booked John for my mums 70th birthday in order to add something different to her party and  so didn’t really know what to expect. I have to say I needn’t have worried, he went down a storm, the guests ranged from 8 to 78 and yet he was able to intrigue and amaze them all. He worked the rooms with his tricks and all you could hear was laughter, he was a great success so much so that everyone was talking about him long after he’d left. I’d definitely book him again!

J. Sinott, Wigan

John made me laugh so much, my face hurt! A great act!

B. Mottershead (

I contacted John at short notice to see if he could perform at my girlfriend’s 30th birthday party. He bent over backwards to make it happen and arrive at a time that was good for us. I could not have been happier with the show, John had the whole room crying with laughter even before the first trick and brought a great energy to the party, everyone was blown away by the magic but it was John’s personality that really made the show. I would 100% recommend John for any party or event, it gave the party that wow factor I was hoping for.

R. Lindley, Stockport, Greater Manchester

We booked John to perform at our 20th Anniversary Celebration Party last week and he wowed and amazed everyone with his tricks. Our guests were amazed how he was so close, yet still managed to fool them and make them laugh.

S. Bloomberg, Chester

Two of my friends and I recently celebrated our 30th birthday – we had John along to do magic throughout the night and the guests loved him. The magic was fabulous and so many of the guests commented on how amazing he was

M. Flood, Yorkshire

We have never acquired the services of a magician / entertainer before, so we were a little unsure on how it would go. I contacted John via email and he was more than helpful in explaining to me the formalities.  Unfortunately the date I wished to hire his services, he was fully booked, however, he gave me the details of other magicians which I thought was very kind.  However, due to change in circumstances John contacted me soon after explaining that he had a cancellation and was free for that date (Phew…). We had a small party of 10 people around for dinner, I didn’t tell them he was coming as I wanted it as a surprise…… and sure enough….it was a great surprise. Very charismatic and funny – we had not laughed that much in a long time.  He made our evening truly magical.  We would definitely recommend this guy!! Thanks again John.

S. Neermul, Wirral

For my husband’s 50th birthday I wanted something different, so I booked John to entertain my guests. Everyone loved his show and, besides the great close up magic, he kept us laughing the whole way through.

Alison, Chester

John is a popular and welcome addition to our match-day and events set-up. It’s great to watch him interact with our customers, he has a great style that they enjoy watching (and taking part with!) and are thoroughly entertained by him. I look forward to continuing to work with him in future.

Gary Wilton, Corporate Sales Manager, Everton Football Club

John Holt is one of the best magicians I have ever seen in action. He was excellent with our guests and really went a long way to amaze and entertain them. I was particularly impressed by how funny he is and not only are you getting a magician for your money you are getting someone that is sure to make you laugh out loud. I would wholeheartedly recommend John Holt to anyone who is considering a close up magician. He would be perfect for practically any special occasion: Weddings, Corporate, Parties etc. – he really brings a group of people together and elevates the mood of the event.

Joanne Evernden, Event Coordinator, Tents and Events

For our staff Christmas party I wanted to do something different. I had heard great reviews of John’s act so I decided to invite him to entertain our staff. John’s magic act along with his incredible personality went down a storm with our team. His magic tricks amazed everyone and they are still left wondering how he does what he does. Not only is John a great magician but he is an amazing entertainer, he had us all laughing together and made the act relaxed and fun throughout. Thanks for an amazing evening John!

Gareth Evans – Operations Manager, Cineworld Chester

I was organising a black tie and diamond ball for my 30th Birthday and and wanted to do things to impress my guests. I thought a magician would bring some more magic to the night. I was certainly not disappointed! John Holt came as a recommendation and all I can say is Wow! Every time I saw any of my family and friends being entertained by him they had a smile or a look of astonishment on their face. It was an extra touch that I am so pleased I had and it did indeed make the night that little bit more special. Looking forward to the next party! Whenever I need a magician again I won’t be looking anywhere else!

Carl Scourfield – Owner Pied Bull Chester

We booked John for our Wedding in November and had him perform while we were having our photos after the Ceremony. He was brilliant and his mix of magic and engaging humour had everyone entertained. We were worried people would be bored in the time between Ceremony and Reception. But, John helped make it into one of the most talked about moments of the day.

Mr and Mrs Densham, Blackpool

Unbelievable magic under our very noses at dinner, with mixed reaction of stunned quiet amazement, how did he do that, to shrieks of glee and the unexpected joy of disbelief. Professional deception at its very best, a real must have at any party! THANKS AGAIN!

Duttons, Chester

I had seen John at a restaurant, performing amazing close up magic. We decided to have a party for my husband at home and wanted something different. I booked John for the evening. He really surpassed himself! We were all very impressed not only with his magic, but also with his personality and wit. What a lovely man. John made my husbands birthday very special. I thank him very much and would not hesitate to recommend him.

Linda Melville, Heswall

We booked John for a social night and he went down a storm. His skills as a close up magician are absolutely brilliant. Everyone was totally amazed and impressed by what he could do. He is really funny and kept a lively banter throughout all his tricks. I cannot recommend him highly enough. On a personal note I found John to be a great bloke who I will definitely will be using again. He really took the night to another level. Thanks John you were a superstar!

L. Monk, Coppull, Lancashire

At Frankie and Benny’s we have used John on several occasions to entertain our guests at new openings and special events. His magic really is spectacular and with a great sense of humour he adds to the atmosphere and definitely enhances the experience of the guests. He is entertaining to all members of the family and we will definitely continue to use him.

Frankie and Benny’s restaurant group

John Holt was a pleasure to deal with. He was extremely professional, courteous and punctual. Exactly what is needed when you are hosting a Gala dinner! He made sure that he made it to every one of our New Year’s Eve guests and all were very impressed with his performance. I would definitely book John again in the future.

Laura Hines, Operations Manager at Holiday Inn

John performed at our sportsmans dinner with former Liverpool player, John Aldridge. Everyone was amazed by his magic and it was great to hear the laughter coming from tables. People are still talking about him – an amazing magician!

Sue McQuade, Manager at Sheridan’s Bar, Wallasey

John performed for us the latest James Bond Premiere, SKYFALL in Chester. With exciting card tricks and a wonderful sense of humour, everybody really enjoyed what he did and felt it made their night even more special. We would 100% recommend John and he will be top of our list when we need entertainment at future events.

Anthony Moore – Marketing and PR – Marketing PRojects

John entertained our guests at a VIP Launch evening at the hotel recently, he was key in creating an enjoyable atmosphere amongst our attendees, and we had lots of good feedback from the guests, they commented not only on John’s ‘magical skills’ but his sense of humour and ability to entertain people no matter what their age. I would definitely recommend John for a variety of functions and will hopefully be using him again soon.

H. Martin, Marketing Director – Holt Lodge Hotel

Thanks ever so much we had a great time, the magic went down a treat and made the evening a memorable one!

Mark Walmsley – Private Party

Hi John, just a quick one to say thanks very much for yesterday, it was fab, everyone loved you! I will highly recommend you to people…

R.N. – Christening celebration

All of our guests commented on how much they enjoyed your table magic. Several have asked for your details for their wedding too!

R. Davies – Chester

Everyone was massively impressed and spoke only in the highest terms of you. One guest in particular, who is fond of magic himself, was keen to stress how flawless your tricks were.

Blue Skies Ahead Summer Ball

John, Thank you so much for entertaining our wedding guests last Friday. We were so sorry not to have a moment to spend with you especially when we heard from all of our guests that you were fabulous and funny too! The main reason I wanted you at our wedding was because I’d heard you were funny and that is certainly reiterated in the feedback from our guests so a BIG THANK YOU John.

Nicola & Mike, Birmingham

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