A Close Up Magician – From My Children’s Point Of View

Close Up Magician From My Children's Point Of View


Wow! I can’t believe this original post is nearly five years old. This is one of the few blog posts on this site that I didn’t write. I did come up with the idea though, so I wasn’t totally lazy.

I’m so glad that I did this back then, when my kids thought being a magician was fun. If I did it now, with a 9 and 15 year old, I’d probably get this reaction to every question…

…in stereo.

I learned to accept – a long time ago – the fact that I’ll never be a cool dad.

And that’s why I thought I’d republish this post because, if I can’t be a cool dad, as might as well use this to be a really embarrassing one!

It’s often said that you should be able to describe your business so that a five year old can understand it. What’s even better is to actually ASK your 5 year old (well, 4 and 10 year old) to describe it.

Here’s what my children think about my job…

What does Daddy do for a job?
4 year old: He plays magic and runs around a lot and is loud.

What kind of tricks does Daddy do?
10 year old: He makes people laugh and does magic shows. Sometime when you’re looking for things, he’s found them and put them in boxes and made them disappear.

How much money does Daddy get paid?
4 year old: I think he gets…….. 45p or I think, I think it’s 50p for……… 43 days.

What’s the best thing about having a magician as a Daddy?
10 year old: He makes money appear from my ears sometimes.

And the worst?
10 year old: He makes my pocket money disappear too.

What does he do for the people he works for?
10 year old: I think he picks them up and wrestles them.
4 year old: I think the children all go outside and then he asks the big grown ups to think of a number, then they have to tell daddy which number it is.

Whats the weirdest magic trick Daddy has in the house?
10 year old: He has lots and lots of cards everywhere!
4 year old: And a sponge bunny rabbit, but I bit the ear off…

What do you want to be when you grow up?
10 year old: I want to have nice children, a good husband and a great courier.

A courier?
10 year old: Oh, how do you say it? I mean career.

And you?
4 year old: I want to be a teenager.

What do you love about Daddy?
4 year old: I like his hugs. I wish I could go to work with him. I would help him do magic.
10 year old: I love that he loves me.

If Daddy wasn’t a magician, what job would you want him to do?
10 year old: Be a wrestler.
4 year old: I would like him to be a knight as he can get rid of dragons, if he’s brave he can get them with a sword and then we can all say yayyy. And then we can have a biscuit.
10 year old: That’s too dangerous, I wouldn’t want him to be a knight as I wouldn’t want him to get hurt. I would like him to be a zoo keeper.

What kind of people does Daddy work for?
4 year old: Taylor, Emily, Kayla and Jasmine.

Why should you book Daddy as your magician?
4 year old: Because he could do magic for them and he’s a nice person because he always gives us hugs and I want to marry him.
10 year old: I think because he’s cheap and he’s nearby, and I don’t think Dynamo does parties.