Aren’t all magicians pretty much the same?

At first look, it’s pretty easy to assume that a magician is a magician is a magician.

You’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.

How different can they be?

I mean, their websites all pretty much look the same, so I’ll just find the cheapest.

As you’ve probably have guessed, it’s not quite as simple as that.

I mean, here we have two houses:

old house
new house








Both of them are houses. The both have four walls, a roof, (some) windows and a front door that works. Both will keep you relatively warm, protect your family and give you a space where you can enjoy comforts in life, like TV, broadband and eating 12 doughnuts in your underwear when everyone else has gone to bed.

If that’s your kind of thing.

Both are houses, but they are not the same.

If magicians were houses, the house on the left may be the magician that’s the cheapest. He may also be the guy that says he doesn’t use contracts because he’s ‘never needed them’. He arrives a bit late for your gig, because he’s tried to cram four weddings into one day, to make up for his low fee. Because he’s late, he’s unkempt and his suit looks like it’s from the 1970s. He checks that everything is still running to time, as he needs to leave in EXACTLY two hours (wedding number four), so if your big day has a small delay, you’re on your own. When he does start to perform, his magic is good, entertaining and everyone seems to enjoy it.

The house on the right, while not being the most expensive house in the world, is certainly up there. If this house were a magician, it would be the kind of magician that knows how to make you feel at ease. Things like contracts, invoicing and Public liability insurance are a given. He has a CRM process that makes the enquiry and booking process easy for you. He’ll have asked you questions about your event and bounced around a few options to see which helps you best. He turns up early on the day, probably before anyone else; just to see the venue and plan where his best positioning is likely to be for each table/group. He’ll say “Hi!” to you and check if there are any last minute changes he can help with, but realises that you’re busy, so doesn’t command your time. He’ll also introduce himself to everyone else too, just to see if how he can be of best use to everyone. When he does start to perform, his magic is good, entertaining and everyone enjoys it.

If you’re buying a house, you could go to a website like Rightmove to find all of the 3 bedroom semi detached houses in the area you want to live. You could then sort them by price, and then just put an offer in on the cheapest.

You could.

But you never would.

I know that booking a magician is slightly less (and only slightly less) important than buying a house, but the same principle applies. If it’s YOUR wedding day, you only get one chance to get everything right. You want it to be perfect.

If you’re organising a corporate event, you may only get one chance to look awesome in front of your boss and co-workers. After all, you’re going to have to spend 40 hours a week with these guys.

Spend some time finding the perfect one for you.

Magicians are like houses…(feel free to insert your own punchline here).

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