That’s right folks, TEN exclamation marks.

That’s how good my BLACK FRIDAY OFFER is.

I must be mad, but, for any two hour booking made on Friday 27th November 2015*, I will also include, FREE OF CHARGE:

  • A brand new car….air freshener.
  • A new house in the Maldives…would look lovely with the lovely lampshade I’m giving away.
  • A kettle…..descaling kit.
  • One of my children….’s hairclips (used, and slightly bent)
  • A bag of briquettes.
  • and a confectionery item of your** choice.

To take advantage of my mental lapse, then just book me for a two hour gig this Friday 27th November, making sure to quote “YOU MUST BE MAD!” somewhere in the booking process.

Note: If you say it out loud, my chances of hearing you are very slim.

Also note: you’re statutory rights may be affected by this. The value of your home can go up or down, as can elevators, Charlton Athletic and my wife’s temperament (I mean, I only forgot to put the bloody bins out, it’s not like I meant to do it. I work hard for crying out loud and I’ve had a lot of things on my mind recently…).

Also also note: if you enter this competition after the closing date, you will not be eligible and you will be charged. Electrically. Be warned; I have tools.

*between the hours of 0600 and 0734.


Magician John Holt's Black Friday special offer madness

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