Step Away From The Comfort Zone

You might know that I’ve recently started to have a go (that’s the best way to describe it) at performing stand up comedy. It’s something that I’ve always wondered if I could do and, even though it scared the living heck out of me, I thought it was time to get up there and have […]

How To Be Fun(ny) – Part 2

In my earlier post, we looked at ways to set yourself up to be fun(ny). One of the key elements was about knowing what makes YOU laugh. You have to realise that if something makes you laugh, it’ll make others laugh too, so focus on that. You’ll “sell” a joke much better when you believe […]

TLAM: Think Like A Magician

Following a recent conversation with a colleague, in which I was asked to “think bigger” about what I wanted, I began to explore the idea of teaching ideas that, while based on magic technique and theory, have real world applications, and could actually prove useful to people. The more I looked into this, the more […]

My Favourite Performer…

NOTE: I originally wrote this in 2013, but didn’t post it. I can’t think why. I got the chance to see my favourite performer again this week. I’ve seen her before, many times in fact, but there’s something about her that makes me excited every time I hear that she’s performing. The funny thing is, […]

A class act

First off, I apologise because this has a to be a quick post. I wanted to type it now, before I forget, so forgive typo’s and grammatical errors. Last night, I met a gentleman who I can only describe as a “class act”. Truly class. Let me explain… I was working an event for 80 […]

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