Techniques for coping with ADHD

image source: Important note: I’ve never been diagnosed with ADHD, but am 99.99% sure that I have it (my wife is even more sure of it). I don’t suffer as much as other people, but it can be a pain at times…BUT: What you have to remember is that ADHD is also an awesome […]

Magician Performing at a Corporate Event at The Belfry, Sutton Coldfield

Magician Performing at a Corporate Event at The Belfry, Sutton Coldfield As a golf fan, it was a great honour to be asked to perform my magic at the prestigious Belfry golf club, in Sutton Coldfield. I had been booked to perform along my good friend and astounding magician, Peter Wardell, for a corporate client […]

What Losing a Years Worth of Work Can Teach You About Planning an Event

I lost a years worth of work. I nearly died. OK, slight exaggeration, but I was pretty darn gutted. A WHOLE YEARS WORTH OF POSTS. Gone. And it was totally my fault. I didn’t do the one thing that everyone knows you should do with anything involving technology. (Feel free to sing along if you […]

How my gain (which is also my loss) could turn into a big gain for you (which will also, ironically, lead to a loss, albeit a good kind of loss)

That has to be the most confusing blog title in the history of blog titles. I don’t care; after all it’s my blog. It stems from reading to a recent episode of the Tim Ferris podcast, where he discussed goal setting and motivation. In the episode he talks about how a good way to stay […]

When is a magician like a shower gel?

At gigs I get called a lot of things, most of which are publishable. “I like you close up magicians!” “This table magic is awesome!” “Oooooh! Close up hand magic!” Some terms are pretty universal. I think most people may use the terms “close up” or “table magician” when looking for a magician to perform […]

“Where can we see you perform magic?”

Ironically, the more successful I have become as a magician, booking more and more shows, the less opportunity there is for a member of the public to come and see what I do. When I started, I would hound bars and restaurants, working the tables for the diners as they waited for their food. Then, […]

Aren’t all magicians pretty much the same?

At first look, it’s pretty easy to assume that a magician is a magician is a magician. You’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. How different can they be? I mean, their websites all pretty much look the same, so I’ll just find the cheapest. As you’ve probably have guessed, it’s not quite as simple […]

Complimenting the unremarkable

“That show was amazing! You should be on was the best thing I’ve ever seen. By the way, thanks for the confirmation emails; I appreciated you keeping me up to date. Brilliant show! How did you do that thing with the cup…?” YES! He likes my email! Most magicians know that it isn’t that […]

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