Frequently Asked Questions of a Close Up Magician

Magician Frequently Asked Questions
“The answer to your first question is…Lidl (it was between the stepladders and the fitness trackers), and it was £3.99.”

Frequently Asked Questions of a Close Up Magician


I know you’ve probably got a ton of questions you want to ask before booking a close up magician for your wedding or corporate event, so, to help you out, and to prove that I can read your mind, here are the answers to the very questions you were just about to ask me.

1. Yes.

2. I know. That’s why, as a full member of Equity, I have £10,000,000 in Public Liability Insurance, so there’s no need to worry about that. I’m even happy to give you a PDF of the certificate if the venue asks, so don’t worry.

3. No, I’ve never met him. I’ve heard he’s nice though.

4. Probably. Either that or a stooge.

5. No, though all my material is suitable to be understood and appreciated by most children. And the occasional drunken reveller.

6. Yes, and if you look at my testimonial page, you can see all the nice things people have said about me.

7. Yes, that’s right; magic is a great way to entertain your wedding guests. Why don’t you also have a look at my Guide To Hiring A Wedding Magician for even more ways I can help you have a stress free wedding day?

8. It’s easy, just visit this page to get in touch and tell me as much as you can about your event, that way I can work out the best way I can help YOU to have a stress free party that your guests will LOVE!

10. Because the “9” key is broken on my keyboard.

If you have a question that isn’t answered by any of the above, just ask. I’m happy to help where I can. You can also check out my blog, where I often (OK, sometimes) dispense some useful advice about planning events. I also share some case studies of past events on there too, to give you some ideas on how my magic could help you create an amazing event for your guests.