Complimenting the unremarkable

“That show was amazing! You should be on was the best thing I’ve ever seen. By the way, thanks for the confirmation emails; I appreciated you keeping me up to date. Brilliant show! How did you do that thing with the cup…?”

YES! He likes my email!

Most magicians know that it isn’t that hard to be a good magician.

“You should be on Britain’s Got Talent!”

“You’re the best magician I’ve ever seen!”…

…are the kinds of things we hear on a regular basis, and I’m not boasting when I say that.

It’s really not that hard to be the best magician that someone has ever seen (unless they are this guy. If he tells you that you’re the best magician he’s ever seen, you’ve probably got something good going on!).

After all, how many magicians have YOU seen perform…for you…close up…live and in person?


So, there’s only so many testimonials you can get on your site about how good your magic act is (don’t get me wrong, I still love adding them to my site, so feel free to email me some more!), but what really gets me excited is when someone appreciates something so unremarkable as the booking/email process. Something that I’ve deliberately created that, not only gets the booking information, but also hopefully builds some rapport and confidence along the way, so that they can be sure that I am who I say I am; I can do what I say I can do and that I will be where they want me to be when they want me to be there.

I’ve spent time on it, and I’m glad they noticed.

If I did a Google search (and I haven’t), I could probably find and read (but I DEFINITELY haven’t) any article from the “Pick up girls” community (Dear god, could I sound any more like a Dad?) that will tell you that, if you’re going to give someone a compliment, be specific, meaningful and different.

“Wow! You have a gorgeous smile” probably wouldn’t win me any points. Mind you, “I love the way that your incisor leans slightly forward, catching the light and drawing attention away from your cavity riddled Cuspid….” wouldn’t be too helpful either (don’t ask me how I know this).

In a world where “amazing” and “brilliant” are the norm, it’s good to have someone come out of nowhere and tell you something truly remarkable:

“Hey! You give good email.”

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