Grab Yourself a Cheap Magician For Your Event or Organisation!

“Cheap” is not a word I like to use on my site, let alone start my blog with, but I thought, in this case, it would be an exciting call to action type thing that I’ve read so much about in marketing texts.

Let’s cut to the chase. One of my main goals this year is to develop a show that can play on a stage, for everyone at once, rather than just close up magic, where I entertain at weddings and corporate events by performing for small groups.

I’ve done larger shows on quite a few occasions, but it is really something I would like to focus on and improve, and to improve I need to perform. This is where the “cheap” comes in.

I’m wanting to book at least fifty 20 -30 minute shows, where I can perform my act. This can be anywhere. ANYWHERE! I don’t care if it’s a house party for ten of your friends, or a local club or organisation that meets once a month to talk about the hairstyles of Formula One drivers. Just give me a room with some people in and I will come and do some magic for you!

This is a tiny bit of a catch to this though (there had to be, didn’t there?). Sadly, while I wish I could afford to come round to your house and perform for free, I can’t. My wife and children have become attached to such luxuries as food, shelter and clothes, so I do need to charge something…but what?

£1,000? £12.56? £8,386,989?

How about £50?

That sounds good. 50 shows for £50 each.

Now, (and here comes another one of those “catches”), there are a few conditions to this offer. I’m afraid some dates will be limited due to existing bookings and prior commitments. If you email me, I’ll be able to tell you if the date is available and we can get chatting.

So, if you’re looking for something fun for your next group meeting, email me today to get a funny magic show at a cheap great value price!



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