Guide To Hiring A Wedding Magician


I love performing at weddings. There’s just something about the day that makes it such fun. Everybody is happy and smiley (and has access to ample alcohol); they’re all here to celebrate and have fun. It makes my job as a wedding magician very easy.

If you’ve been lucky enough to see a magician perform at a wedding, you’ll know how great an idea it is. If not, it might be hard to visualise what a wedding magician could do for you to make your special day more fun for your guests, and less worrisome for you.

In this post, I outline some of the main ways in which a wedding magician could help your wedding day be even more fabulous than it undoubtedly will be, though I’m always keen to impress on brides and grooms that every wedding is different. Increasingly, weddings are becoming more individual and unique, so the best thing to do if you want to get in touch, is to tell me as much as you can about your wedding. Tell me about your hopes, dreams and guests. Let me know what you like, love and hate, what you’re worried about, what you’re excited about.

Tell me everything and I’ll come up with some ideas on how I can best be of help to YOU on YOUR special day.

Congratulations! You’ve decided to get married – yay! Have you got a venue in mind, a dress you love and a husband that you can put up with for 50 years? Excellent. Now, to plan the wedding…

No matter how well you plan everything, there’s always something that niggles inside your head. Just something little, but something… It may any of the these:

  • Are you worried about guests not mingling when the arrive for the wedding?
  • Is there someone that you think will be shy and need someone to help them break the ice?
  • Do you want to relax while you are having your photo’s taken, without having to rush back to keep your guests happy?
  • Do you have any ‘gaps’ in your day that you worry about?
  • Do you worry that you may need something to cover for any delays?
  • Are you worried that some entertainment needs a large space, stage or lighting set up?
  • Are you unsure if you’re wedding is going to be indoors or out?
  • Are you looking for some entertainment between the meal and the evening disco, something to keep the energy and excitement levels up?
  • Do you want something totally flexible, totally unique and versatile that it will be able to work around your day and still entertain your guests, even with those last minute changes?

It’s little, stressy, niggly things like these that can build up, causing you to worry about certain aspects of your day.

Let me show you how a wedding magician can help:

John is one of the best magicians I have ever seen in action. He was excellent with our guests and really went a long way to amaze and entertain them. I was particularly impressed by how funny he is and not only are you getting a magician for your money you are getting someone that is sure to make you laugh out loud. I would wholeheartedly recommend John to anyone who is considering a close up magician. He would be perfect for practically any special occasion: Weddings, Corporate, Parties etc. – he really brings a group of people together and elevates the mood of the event.” – Joanne Evernden, Event Co-ordinator, Tents and Events

Are you worried about guests not mingling or being shy as they arrive for the wedding?

A close up magician can bring people together with a trick, without it being a daunting formal introduction. Guests stood off to one side can be beckoned in, joining the group without it feeling pressured or causing anxiety.

After a few moments of magic, the group is more relaxed and a rapport has built among members. They have a shared experience and have had a good time together – a strong rapport building technique.

Wedding day magic that allows you to relax and enjoy your special day!

Do you want to relax while you are having your photo’s taken, without having to rush back to keep your guests from getting bored?

Rather than worrying about your guests being bored or having nothing to do, while you’re waiting for that perfect pose with Aunty Edna, I can be mingling with your guests, keeping them entertained with magic. It won’t seem like a long wait for them as they laugh and have a great time, so you spend as long as you like waiting for that perfect picture.

“Thank you so much for entertaining the guests at our wedding, I cannot recommend you enough. I had been panicking about the drinks reception being too long and people getting bored, but the guests seemed disappointed when they were called for the wedding breakfast and it was time for you to go. Having never booked any sort of entertainment for a party before, we were not sure what to expect with either the magic or the comedy side but we couldn’t decide what you were better at, they were both equally brilliant. Everyone was amazed with your ability to make people belly laugh whilst performing brilliant tricks. Thank you for helping make our day stress free and being “exceptionally entertainingElizabeth Holmes, Liverpool

Do you have any ‘gaps’ in your day that you worry about?

A gap between the meal and the evening disco is a “lull” moment that brides often worry about, and it’s one that could be filled with magic to keep the energy and excitement levels up (and to stop your guests sneaking off to their rooms!.

Having a close up wedding magician walk round, entertaining small groups can stop you worrying about your guests having nothing to do. This is just one example of a gap in the day that you may worry about.

“John, Thank you so much for entertaining our wedding guests last Friday. We were so sorry not to have a moment to spend with you especially when we heard from all of our guests that you were fabulous and funny too! The main reason I wanted you at our wedding was because I’d heard you were funny and that is certainly reiterated in the feedback from our guests so a BIG THANK YOU John!” – Nicola and Mike, Birmingham

Having a truly versatile performer, such as a wedding magician, means that they can suit their performance to YOUR needs, allowing you to relax and enjoy your day.

Close up magic is a unique form of wedding entertainment.

A good wedding magician knows to develop an act that is portable and truly versatile.

Personally speaking,I work entirely from my pockets, so I do not need any special table space or lighting. I can work indoors or outdoors, so I can adapt to those last minute changes without any trouble. My material is also family friendly, with the emphasis on humour, though no-one is made to look foolish (aside from me!). You can see what great peace of mind magic has to offer.

As a versatile form of entertainment, able to adapt to all demographics, I don’t think close up magic can be beat. When performed well, it can adapt to anything you have to throw at it, and still come out leaving your guests laughing after having such a memorable time at YOUR wedding day. If you’re looking to create a fantastic atmosphere by booking a wedding magician and take the worry out of YOUR wedding, give me a call!

Useful Links and other suppliers:

In my travels as a wedding magician, I often come across people and sites that have proven genuinely useful to couples in planning their big day, so I shall include them here:

If you’re looking for a caricaturist, I’d be doing you a disservice if I didn’t point you in the direction of Steve Bright. Steve is a super nice guy and a great laugh. The best recommendation I can give about him is that he is so damn good, I decided to spend vast amounts of time with him as we compiled a book together!

If you’re looking for a delightful, and award winning, wedding cake, Vicki Smith at Incredible Edibles does the best I have ever seen. Her cakes are so good that she even had a feature on a local news programme. Check out her Facebook page to see her awesome creations!

If it’s cupcakes you’re after, then Rachel at Sweet Treats of Cheshire is the lady for you. She can make all manners of different styles and designs to suit pretty much anyone. Have a look at her gallery of cakes!

If you’re looking for some different forms of entertainment for your wedding (aside from a magician of course), then give Sam a call at Artiste Emporium. I’m always very careful about which agencies to work for, but Sam is always a delight to work for and with. If you want any advice about entertainment or you’re stuck for ideas, she can help you out!