If you’re getting married and want to save thousands, you need to read this!

Forgive the click-bait style title, but I’ve never used one before and wanted to try it out.

I feel bad, but not too bad, as I’m actually including a link that explains why a lot of professional service providers charge a higher fee whenever the word “wedding” is mentioned and how you can save some money.

As a professional, and ethical, wedding magician, of course I would never partake in such nefarious activity.

No, instead, I just charge a mark up for EVERY event I get an enquiry for! 😉

So, if you’re planning a wedding and want to know how to deal with professional service providers, have a look at the Lifehacker page, ‘How to avoid “wedding markup” when planning your big day’.

Note: I now charge a 300% “Family Gathering Markup”… 😉

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