Birmingham ICC Conference Magician

Tonight, I was asked by an agency to perform for the British Orthapaedic Association, as part of their national 4 day conference at the ICC in Birmingham.

They were clearly expecting great things from me:
Close Up Magician Birmingham ICC

After a full day of trade shows, conferences and lectures, the 800 attendees gathered into the main hall to relax with some drinks, and to see some magic (mostly for the former I would guess!).

Interrupting talk of pronation, supination and phalanges of the proximal and distal variety, I managed to do a few card tricks to keep people happy.

Tonight was a personal highlight for me, as I was also working alongside a caricaturist. Not just any caricaturist though, but the man who created this:
Close up magician Birmingham

I… Know…

Awesome eh? 🙂

If you’re having a party, and are looking for a magician to keep your guests laughing, why not visit my main page to see what past clients say about me, or email me to talk about your event.

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