Birthday Magician in Hoole, Chester

27th September 2014 – 40th Birthday Magician in Hoole, Chester

Tonight I’ve been booked for a 40th Birthday party in Hoole, Chester. A local gig means that I can get back home early, but it also means that I’m probably going to be entertaining people that I may bump into the street. That’s a lot of added pressure!

I always try to make private house parties like this a lot of fun. It can be a huge stress having all of your friends around to your house, and it’s a lot of pressure to make sure that they have a good time. As a performer, I never know how house parties are going to go. I usually plan on going round from group to group, however, there have been times, when I have been cornered in a kitchen for 2 hours, performing to everyone at once. The fact that you never know what you are going to get is a great test, but also great fun!

If you’re interested in cornering me in your kitchen for a party, why not have a look at my main page to read some testimonials that other clients have written, or you can send me an email to see how I could give your guests a fabulous time.

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