Birthday Party Magician – Merseyside

Merseyside Magician – I was invited to perform at a private house party to help celebrate a 70th Birthday in Billinge, Merseyside.

House parties can be quite a different dynamic compared to most of the events I perform at. If I’m booked at a wedding or corporate event, then I’m usually in the background, entertaining people during a “lull” in the evening. I’m there to help build an atmosphere or to keep the energy and fun levels up! At these events, guests tend to have other things to do, or haven’t seen family and friends for a long time, so magic isn’t the primary focus of the evening.

At a house party however, you tend, very quickly, to become the main focus. As soon as you start to do a trick, everyone is interested and wants to see. Moving around the party can be quite tricky as guests (kids mostly) follow you round as you try and perform for all the guests. Given that most houses aren’t created with a magician in mind (how dare they!), this can be a difficult dynamic to work with. The key, for me, has always been to have fun and get people laughing. Get some running gags going, learn names, learn ABOUT family and friends and use this to personalise how I present my magic. It is so much more than just showing tricks.

Oh, I don’t know what it was about this party, but I had several things said to me that I’ve NEVER actually had said to me before. Things like:

– “Ok, if you cut out all of the comedy…the banter..the fun. If you cut out all of that and I asked you to do tricks, really fast, how many have you got?”

– “Do you mind if I stand in a box while you do this?”

– “Get your hand off my wife!” (OK, I made that one up)

House parties can be quite a challenge when you are booked as an Private Party Magician, but if you get a good crowd, who are up for a laugh, they can be a whole lot of fun.

If you’re having a party, and are looking for a magician to keep your guests laughing, why not visit my main page to see what past clients say about me, or email me to talk about your event.

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