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21st December – Blackpool wedding magician

It’s always nice to have a change of pace when you’ve been doing Christmas parties, so being a wedding magician in Blackpool was a great change on the Saturday before Christmas. I lived in Blackpool for nearly 35 years (I know, I look so young!), so it’s always great to go back to perform as a wedding magician.

On this day, I was performing at the lovely Ribby Hall Holiday Village – a place I’ve been to lots of times as a visitor, so it was nice to come back as a Blackpool Magician and perform at a lovely wedding!

The bride had asked that I perform immediately after the service for the guests, whilst she was organising photos and the hotel staff were changing the room. She thought (and correctly so) that magic would be a great filler for this time that can often leave Blackpool guests wondering what to do. using a Magician in Blackpool can be a great idea for those moments in your special day when you think people may have little to do or may need injecting with some humour!

Hiring a wedding magician is a fabulous idea (I know I’m a tad biased). If you’d like some ideas about what a Blackpool magician can do to help you on YOUR big day, feel free to have a look at my Guide to hiring a Wedding Magician.

If you’re getting married, holding a corporate event, or arranging a house party in the Blackpool area, be sure to check out my Blackpool Magician page, which has testimonials and more details about what to expect from a magician in Blackpool. Don’t be afraid to contact me, either by phone or email, if you want to discuss how I can get your guests laughing!

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