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21st December – Bridgnorth Magician | Magician in Bridgnorth

A christmas/birthday party tonight for 20 or so ladies who had booked a room at the Severn Centre in Bridgnorth. They were looking for a Bridgnorth magician to perform close up magic for the guests for an hour. However, all that changed when I arrived at the Bridgnorth venue…

I was ushered into a small room that had 20 ladies, all sat in a semi circle facing me! Now, as a Magician in Bridgnorth, I’m used to pretty much anything, however, walking into a room and expecting one kind of audience (all stood around in small groups, with me flitting from group to group) and being presented with another (everybody stare at the magician while he entertains us all for an hour) is always a weird sensation.

I started out performing for one person to my left, but it became clear that this was not going to be a nice and easy Bridgnorth magic show. So I started performing for the whole group. Card tricks for all. I have to say that I was initially hesitant, as my stand up show is vastly different to my close up magic show, but the girls really got into the show. There was lots (and I do mean) lots of inappropriate banter back and forth – mostly from them. I managed to improvise some routines and ideas, which, when you’ve spent time with your audience and learned things about them, becomes second nature. You know which tricks will work best, and you also get a feel for how far you can push the humour with certain members.

I can’t have pushed it too far with this group (though it certainly came close!), because I received this message a few days later:Bridgnorth magician for magic events, parties and weddings

Not a bad result for a mostly improvised show. 🙂

If you’re having a party, and are looking for a magician to keep your guests laughing, why not visit my main page to see what past clients say about me, or email me to talk about your event.

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