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Christening Magician – 19th January 2014

Christenings can be fabulously fun events to work. There’s normally a lot of activities for the children at these kind of events, so it’s also good to have someone, like me, going round and performing for the adults; after all, why should the kids have all the fun? 😉

Today, I was performing magic at Singleton Lodge, near Blackpool, where I would be performing round the tables after the meal. In this case, there were four tables of 8-10 people, quite close together, which is a strange dynamic. Usually, when doing table magic, I hop around the room, rather than just work adjoining tables. This helps create a bit of a buzz and also ensures that I don’t perform for people straight after they’ve just watched me at the next table.

When the tables are quite close together though, and in a small room; it is virtually impossible to do this. As you are usually the only entertainment, everybody is usually watching you anyway, regardless of which table you are on. In this situation, a bigger show for everybody at once can be performed or you can do different material at each table. As it happened, on this occasion, people were flitting in and out of the room, so I decided to do it table by table, as they would miss elements of a larger show.

Even though I’m doing magic for each table, I’m still playing to the whole room; watching people and seeing who is paying attention. I can make jokes, and get other people involved and do running gags. In this situation, the magic is almost secondary to the interaction and the banter. As a magician, you can bring people closer by having a laugh and playing on the existing relationships they share.

Or you can just do card tricks. 🙂

Christenings are a lot like weddings – it’s a really fun atmosphere, and everybody is in a good mood, so, as a magician, it’s an easy job for me to approach happy people and perform amazing magic for them to keep them laughing! I also got to try out some new magic routines today, which went down great. I was also able to perform some special tricks for the girl who was being christened (she was 14), which was a lot of fun. I always try and include some personalised magic for the special guest, so, if you’re organising a birthday party for someone, let me know and I’ll see what I can come up with that will help put them centre stage!

If you’re having a party, and are looking for a magician to keep your guests laughing, why not visit my main page to see what past clients say about me, or email me to talk about your event.





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