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Friday 6th December – Cumbrian Close Up Magician.

Tonight meant a trip up to Cumbria (which, considering the recent weather, was quite a feat!). Specifically, to the Low Moor Bay Hotel, right on the edge of the beautiful lake Windermere (though the weather could have been a bit more beautiful!)

Cumbria close up corporate magician for your event in Cumbria

I would be performing as a Cumbrian Magician at the gala ball for a corporate client. I was working alongside Pete Pinnington Presents (another former radio presenter) who had been there for several days, organising more events for the team. Clearly they had all had a great time, as they were in great spirits and up for a laugh! That always makes my job a lot easier.

I was performing during the drinks reception, which is always a great place to have some entertaining magic, as it helps to break the ice and build a fun atmosphere. I was wandering around this collection of finely dressed individuals before dinner:

Cumbria Close Up Corporate Magician

There was also some great seasonal music from a girls choir and Michael Buble-esque music from Simon Bayliss which seemed to go down really well. I was also nipping around the tables to do some magic between the many courses, music and games – there wasn’t much time to perform, but there was enough to make sure that most people got to see some magic and have a bit of a laugh, which is what it’s all about – bringing some fun to an event. The room looked fantastic and, with plenty of space between the tables, I had plenty of room to move about, without the fear of crashing into anyone (never a good thing!).

Cumbria Magician John Holt can bring some magic to your corporate event!

As a Cumbrian corporate magician, I realise that I am probably the least important aspect of an event. I have to work around everything else that’s going on: food, waiters, drinks, speeches, singers, dancers, announcements – you name it; they are all far more important than what I’m doing! So, while I’m doing card tricks and interacting with your guests, I’m also looking out for waiters coming with food, announcers heading over to the microphone, where the food is coming from, as well as a whole host of other things. It’s like juggling without the balls! Performing tricks is just a tiny part of what a corporate magician can do for you, so, if you’re going to book one, make sure you book a Cumbrian Corporate magician that knows what he is doing!

If you’re hosting an event in Cumbria and are looking for a Cumbrian magician, why not email me about your event to see how I can get your guests laughing?

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