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24th August 2014 – Magician in Leeds

Today was a first for me. I’ll be honest, it’s also a day I’ve been dreading. After chatting to other magicians, they all warned me about these kinds of gigs…Barmitzvahs!

I was to perform at the Reuben Vincent Hall Etz Chaim Synagogue in Leeds.

I must admit, after speaking to magicians, I was terrified of what might happen, but it was depressingly uneventful. I had been asked to entertain the adults guests with some table magic and then keep the children busy. I initially had suggested teaching some tricks to the kids, which sounded like a good idea. However, on the day, the kids were all over the place and I could tell I would have no chance of getting them to sit down in the same place so that I could teach them some magic.

As a result, I just ended up mucking around, doing silly stuff and making them laugh. Having an 11 year old daughter certainly gave me good practice at how to deal with this age group and it was a lot of fun, even if it hadn’t gone totally to plan.

To be honest, it’s what I love about my job most!

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