Golden Wedding Anniversary Magician in Willaston

24th May 2014 – Golden Wedding Anniversary Magician

After performing at CBeebies Land last night with lots of children running about the place, it was the opposite tonight, as I helped a lovely couple celebrate their Golden wedding anniversary in Cheshire at the Memorial Hall in Willaston, Cheshire.

As a magician, I have to compete with a lot of factors at events: table layouts, performing space, lighting, serving staff and background music. All these affect how I’m going to be perform and I have to adjust to each event accordingly. It’s not a major problem; it’s just something that we magicians learn to do.

Tonight, the main issue was with me performing at the same time as a Jazz band! They were performing the same 90 minute period as me, and it was loud. What made it worse was that some of the guests were seated right at the front of the stage – right next to the band!

I spoke to the band before they went on and found out when they were having a break (so I could do the tables nearest the stage then). They also agreed to pause slightly between songs (about a minute), to give me some breathing room and a chance to interact with people at the other tables (I could still be heard over the music, it was just that I needed to shout). This is a classic example of why it is so important to book a PROFESSIONAL magician – someone who “just knows a few card tricks” probably wouldn’t have been able to deal with this situation and would probably have no event tried to perform for the guests near the stage.

With just a bit of thought, you can get the most out of the entertainment that you booked to amaze your guests!

With military precision, I managed to perform at all 10 tables and everybody had a good time. I received this kind email from the client the following day:

“We hired John for our Golden Wedding celebration party and he was fabulous. He had to compete with continuous Jazz and a continuous supply of food to our 80 guests, but he overcame all the diversions. He engaged fully with all our guests from age 8 to 80, tailoring his presentation to enthral and amuse those in front of him. Overall an excellent magician and entertainer – book him, you’ll be pleased you did!”

If you think that I could be of use to you, at your next works party or celebration, why not email me so we can have a chat about YOUR event?


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