House Party Magician in Wales

8th November 2014 – Magician at a house party in Wales

As I’ve said before, house parties are usually an unknown quantity. Depending on the size of the house and the amount of guests, I can never be sure what kind of show I will be doing until I walk in the doors.

Tonight was a small house party of 30 or so people. Usually this would be a stand-up-and-do-a-show-for-everyone kind of thing, but I’d been asked to perform close up magic and table magic around the house.

It was at this party that I met the very talented Scheiffer Bates – a young man who can do some really awesome impressions (if you don’t believe me, have a quick look at his YouTube Channel). One of the best things about my job as a party magician is that you get to meet some amazing people!

If you’re having a house party and are wondered if my magic will keep your guests entertained, why not have a read of my testimonials on this page, or email to have a chat about how I can get your guests laughing!

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