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7th December 2013 – Kettering Wedding Magician.

Today was a long drive – a 5 hour round trip to Desborough in Kettering, where I would be working as a Northamptonshire wedding magician for the fabulous Warble Entertainment Agency, during the photo session at a wedding at The Ritz, for Sam, Dean and their 170 guests.

The dining room looked fantastic, with the biggest chandelier I’d ever seen hanging from the roof!

Wedding magician Kettering - close up magic

The photo period is a great time to have a Northamptonshire wedding magician entertaining your guests, as it can keep them laughing and having fun, giving you valuable time to get those photos just right. The last thing you want is to be rushing back because you’re worried about your wedding guests getting bored!

Even though I was only performing at the wedding for one hour, I got sworn at (in a good way) three times: twice by children who got a quick slap from their parents, which made me smile (secretly at first, then raucously when I got back to my car!). As a magician, you get used to different reactions to magic: some people don’t budge an inch, some run away, some get scared and some (mostly children apparently) drop all their defences and filters and just blurt out whatever pops into their head. It brings out the raw emotions in people; magic is a great leveller – it can be appreciated by anyone, no matter what their age, level of education or race.

Due of the increased level of interaction a great close up magician uses, each performance can be different for each group, as a good magician will adapt his presentation based on the feedback he gets from the spectators. He’ll get to know your guests, so that, the way I present a card trick to a group of children at your party is going to be different to the way I present it to a table of businessmen at a corporate event, even though it may be the same card trick. It’s this unique interaction that makes magic, so good and so much fun to perform!

I genuinely love meeting new people and getting to know them. To me this is the perfect job!

If you’re looking for more information on how a wedding magician could help you out on your special day, have a look at my quick guide to hiring a wedding magician – it’s got all the information you need to give your guests a great time!

If you think of a question that isn’t answered there, then email me via this: Wedding magician email. I’m more than happy to help where I can.

Addendum: I just received an email today from the happy couple and thought I would share what they said, as it makes me smile inside:

“You were amazing !! People were constantly saying to us the magician was incredible!! And how did he do that !!! We cannot recommend you enough. Don’t think about it book John; you will have such a successful event ! Thank you so much for making our wedding so special Sam and Dean x”

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