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Liverpool Engagement Party Magician – 1st march 2014

Tonight, I was asked to perform as a Liverpool Magician, at an engagement party at the Devonshire House Hotel in Liverpool. I was performing as the guests arrived and asked to get them laughing. so the night would start off with the right atmosphere.

As a magician, I’m often asked to perform before the band or disco starts, as clients worry that there guests could get bored or the energy could flag. Magic is a great way to entertain guests during a ‘lull’ period. If you have a great Liverpool magician entertaining your guests, it means you can relax and enjoy your evening, safe in the knowledge that you’re guests are having a great time.

It’s never a great idea to use a magician while the band are playing, or while the Disco is in full swing – you’re paying for two things to compete against each other, and neither will be as effective as they can be. Tonight, I ended up performing while the band started (mostly performing for people at the bar who weren’t listening to the music), and that meant I could hardly be heard. I could still perform, however, the best thing about close up magic is the fact that you can truly interact with your guests; learning their names and getting to know them, giving them a truly unique performance – something you can’t do when you’re struggling to be heard!

It was still a lot of fun and I came away with several new miming techniques for “shuffle these”, “examine that” and “pull this” that didn’t look too horrific, so it’s not all bad.

If you’re having a party in the Liverpool area (or any area in fact) and are looking for a magician to keep your guests happy (preferably without resorting to mime!), why not email me or call me on 07950 33809307950 338093 to have a chat about your event?



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