Liverpool Hen Party Magician

On Friday night, I was asked to perform for a hen party in Liverpool. The venue was the fabulous Signature Living underground vault.

Two hours, locked in a vault with 20 ladies from Newcastle. I have never been so scared before a gig in my entire life. But, being the fearless Liverpool Magician that I am, I soldiered on.

To be fair, it wasn’t just me with 20 women, there were also 2 gladiatorial and naked butlers. And it was a lot of fun. Everybody was up for a great time and they really enjoyed the magic. I think I also may have learned a few new words and had a stab at “twerking”.

Just. Don’t. Ask.

If you ever fancy having a fantastic time in a luxury, underground apartment that used to be a secure vault, have a look here:

Signature Living Liverpool Vault Video

Or, if you have a hen party (or any other party for that matter), that could use some magic to get people laughing. Contact your favourite Party Magician on 07950 338093


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