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26th December 2013 – Liverpool Magician

Well, like most people, I ate too much on Christmas day and now I have to struggle to find the energy to perform in my role as Everton magician. Today we’re facing the mighty Sunderland (I know very little about football – there’s no point lying about it!) and I’m doing my usual rounds of the lounges, performing amazing magic tricks in the corporate lounges and boxes before and after the game.

I love Christmas time! Everyone is always in a great mood, so it makes my job so much easier!

Today was also the day that I won a fifty pound bet with one of the guests. He challenged me to make his signed card appear in his pint of bitter. I took on the challenge and suddenly everyone in the room became focused on the deck – there was no way of escaping the challenge now. He put his card back in and demanded to shuffle the deck. I, rather foolishly, let him; still not having much of a clue as to how I was going to achieve the trick. Once I’d retrieved the cards, I showed him one that wasn’t his and dropped it into his beer. Just as he was about to tell me I’d found the wrong card, I asked him to look again, only to see his signed card, floating up from the bottom of the glass.

The room went nuts! Three people thrust money into my hands, as payment of the bet which, again probably foolishly, I declined. Truth is, I probably had more fun than them, so I should have been the one paying!

It’s a great example of how one trick can bring people together; so if you’re having an event in Liverpool and are looking for something that will get your guests talking and laughing, why not have a look at my Liverpool Magician page, or email me here

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