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25th May 2014 – Magician for a birthday party in Cumbria

It seems more and more popular for people to have parties with themes these days. One of the most popular is that of Alice in Wonderland. Usually, this just involves sticking playing cards on the wall and having jar and bottles labelled “eat me” or drink me” scattered about the tables.

Today though was a bit different. Yes, it was Alice in Wonderland and yes, there were playing cards and bottles, but there was also a production. I would be entertaining the guests with close up magic and comedy and, following me, would be a mini play provided by professional actors.

It all took place at the Red Admiral Inn in Gosforth, which is a lovely venue, although a bit isolated (there seemed to be more sheep than cars on the narrow lanes leading up to it!).

A great part of my job being a magician is meeting other performers. Aside from the actors, there was also a children’s entertainer, Magic Malky, who was making balloons and performing for the kids (meaning that I could get on with my job of entertaining the adults!).

Themed or not, magicians can be a great asset for any party. We interact, we amaze and we can get people laughing. Why not have a look at my home page to see if I could do the same for you?

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