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10th December 2013 – Manchester Corporate Magician

Today was an unusal day for me; I’d be performing as a Manchester Magician for the Daily Mail, in costume. Specifically, I’d been requested to perform as a Victorian magician. The first thing I thought was “where the heck do I get a Victorian costume from?”

Fortunately, on Twitter, someone recommended the Chester Costume House, so I went down to have a look and have a chat with Paula, the owner.

If you ever desire to feel like Mr Benn, I heartily recommend that you go down and pay her a visit. The shop is filled with fantastic costumes and uniforms from all different eras, some of which she has made herself. They look amazing. I spent a good while trying on various outfits until I eventually settled on this one:

Manchester Corporate event magician

I really (and I do mean REALLY) wanted to wear the silver helmet, but it would’ve meant me sacrificing what little artistic integrity I have. Oh well, I’ll just have to wait for that Centurion booking to come in!

Costume on, it was time to head into Manchester and, after forking out for extortionate parking rates, arrived at the event, held at the fantastic TNQ restaurant, to see the long table with 25 guests I would be entertaining for two hours:

John Holt - table and close up magician in Manchester for corporate events

They had themselves a gorgeous Victorian feast and I entertained with some table magic between courses. 2 hours is quite a long time to perform as a table magician for 20 people, but they were up for a good laugh and lots of fun was had. At times like these, I end up doing very little magic and just focussing on having some fun interaction. When you have fun, people relax. They stop wanting to catch the magician out with his tricks and get involved, making it more fun for everyone else.

I was also trying out a few new presentations as well today, all of which went down quite well, which is always good news. Christmas is a great time for trying out new material. Not because people are drunk; more because we have so many bloody gigs to go to – we burn through material like no-one’s business!

This morning, I woke up to find this email waiting for me in my inbox:

Hi John,

Not sure how much use it is but we wanted to write a testimonial that you may be able to use.

Kind regards


“We recently hired John for a client function we were organising for Christmas.

We had the pleasure of his magicalness for 2 hours and I can honestly say they flew by.

John seemed to have a knack of being able interact with each guest, making them comfortable enough to participate and be involved.

He worked the table so everyone saw his magic tricks and I can honestly say I still cannot fathom how he produced two limes out of his copper cup, which I had inspected closely.

If you’re looking for a genuinely talented and fun entertainer, who will seriously impress, then John is your man.”

If you’re after someone funny, who can also do a few magic tricks for your next Manchester corporate event or Manchester wedding, why don’t you email me, so we can chat about your event?

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