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23rd December 2013 – Manchester Magician

My last gig before Christmas and I was really looking forward to it. It was for a small birthday celebration and the lady who booked me was looking for a Manchester magician that could put on a small show for all the guests (all 8 of them,), show them some magic, and get them laughing!

I have no idea why she phoned me. 😉

In this case, the birthday boy was 80 years old. Now, thanks largely to a job in a previous life as a social worker in an older adults team, I have no preconceptions about working with older adults. Aside from children, they are the most brutally honest people I have met, and they know how to have a good laugh, so I was really looking forward to performing my one hour stand up show for them. Also being local to Manchester, I relished the thought of doing an evening event and getting home on the right side of midnight.

At this particular party, the guests ranged in age from 14-85. While this isn’t really unusual for a house or birthday party. It does highlight the difference between these shows and those when I am performing as a Manchester magician at corporate events.

At corporate events, most of the people will be of similar age and social standing. As a magician, you are able to get a feel of what kind of crowd they are, and the kind of organisation that they work for, which is great. For house parties, it’s completely different. In this case, I was doing a stand up show that had to amaze and entertain a 14 year old, as well an 85 year old lady. That can be quite the task. You can’t perform material for one age group as you’ll risk alienating another group.

With only 8 guests, you also want to book a Manchester magician that will get everybody involved, interacting and having fun, as well as amazing them.

As I stood in the living room and started my show, it quickly became apparent that I needn’t have worried. All 8 sat up on the edge of their seats and interacted through the whole show. Having only 8 members of the audience meant that at least everybody got to be involved at least once, which is something I always try to aim for, wherever possible.

I also got to involve the birthday gentleman in his own personalised photo trick (you’ll have to book me to find out what it is! How’s THAT for an upsell?)

And here’s  a section of the email I receive the following day:

“…thanks for last night everyone enjoyed themselves and Ron was still talking about the first card trick you did with the ace over dinner! Thank you so much and have a great Christmas!”

If you’re having a private party in Manchester, and are looking for a Manchester Magician to amaze and entertain your guests, why not call me on 07950 338093 or email me here?



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