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Manchester magician John Holt performs amazing magic tricks for party guests

10th April 2015 – Manchester Magician

Tonight was the start of a new residency, where I had been asked to work alongside a team of magicians, performing alternate Friday nights at the Joseph Holt Griffin Hotel, in Heald Green, Manchester.

Restaurant magic is always good fun to perform; it gives diners something extra and is a fabulous way to make it magically appear that the wait time for food is shorter than it actually is!

I was the last to perform, and I had spoken to some of the other magicians who said that the crowd were rowdy, but a lot of fun, so I was expecting a bit of a giggle…and it didn’t disappoint. Manchester crowds don’t half give you some stick when they’ve had a few drinks! I love that. Much better than the “sit and be quiet” crowd!

I was performing for two hours and it was great fun. I get to go back in a month or so, so it’ll be interesting to see how the magic has taken off and how the other magicians are treated!

If you’re looking for a magician to get your guests laughing, why not have a quick look at my main magician page, or email me to see if I could help your event be the best it can be.

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