Merseyside Table Magician for Christening Party

21st June 2014 – Table Magician in Merseyside

Christening parties are a market that I had never really considered until someone asked me to perform at one, to keep the adults entertained. Weddings, corporate events and house parties are the main kinds of events that I get asked to do, but I’m glad that other people are realising how versatile and useful magicians can really be. It really is just a case of putting us where there are some potentially bored adults and letting us do our thing.

It means that you can relax and enjoy the party, and that’s what’s important!

Today’s event was absolutely packed; not with guests, but with entertainers. We were all in the upstairs room at the Victoria in Rainhill. Along with myself, there was also a DJ booked to entertain, a mobile bar, a children’s entertainer and a paparazzi style photographer, who would work his way round the room with the biggest camera (and the brightest flash) I’d ever seen!

At times, it was a real struggle getting round the room. At one point, to get to the other side of a six foot table, I had to navigate the entire perimeter of the room. I should’ve worn my pedometer!

It was a good day though, and they even asked me to stay a bit longer and perform even more magic, which was a nice compliment.

If you’ve got an event coming up and you’re worried that people will get bored, or you’re looking for something a bit different that will get people laughing and having fun, why not email me, so we can chat about your event?


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