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19th July 2014 – Performing magic at a house party in Morecambe

I’m fortunate to get asked to a lot of house parties and no two are ever quite the same. When I perform magic at corporate events in hotels and conferences centres, the room are always pretty much the same; circular tables of ten etc… It’s pretty easy to imagine how the gig will go and what tricks can work.

House parties are different, as you never quite know what kind of house you’re going to end up in. I’ve been to small houses, where you could count the nasal hair on spectators; opulent mansions, where 50 people could easily fit into one of the box rooms and houses where everyone has been ushered into the kitchen to stand and watch the magician!

Tonight, everyone was in the garden (you have to take advantage when we get one of our two days of summer), for a BBQ. Besides navigating my way along a thin stretch of paving, I had BBQ fumes to contend with too (probably the first time in my life where I could have actually used smoke as a method), but it as good fun, and all goes to show how magic can adapt to suit pretty much any event, indoors or out.

If you’re having a party, why not email me so we can chat about your event, or visit my main page for more details and kind comments from clients.

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