My Favourite Performer

I got the chance to see my favourite performer again this week.

I’ve seen her before, many times in fact, but there’s something about her that makes me excited every time I hear that she’s performing.

The funny thing is, she only ever performs one song. And it’s the same song. Every single time.

Sure, there’s a bit of improvisation here and there, but it’s the same song I’ve seen lots of times, and would love to see another 1,000.

I would drop everything to get the chance to see her perform it and I can’t wait until the next time.

When you truly connect with an act, it doesn’t matter that you’ve seen them before. It doesn’t matter that you have heard their songs, seen their tricks or listened to their speech. You get excited because of the GENUINE CONNECTION you share. It goes far beyond what they do, what they wear, or what price they are compared to other acts.

The truth is, with my favourite performer, I would drop everything to spend time with her doing ANYTHING; whether it’s going to a restaurant for a meal, doing some gardening, or playing Princesses and dressing up.

I don’t stop to ask about price, what she’s wearing and I don’t stop to see if there might be any other singers around. If she’s about, I’m there.

She’s not just a “singer”, she’s AWESOME. And I’m her biggest fan.

Oh, that favourite performer of mine? It’s my four year old daughter (that explains the “Princesses and dressing up” parts).

I don’t care what she does, I don’t care how she dresses. If she’s doing something…ANYTHING, I want to be there to see it. She’s not just a “singer”, she’s AWESOME. And I’m her biggest fan.

I want to be the guy that people WANT at their table, the kind of guy people want to spend time with, and miss when I’m gone. I want to get to know you guys when I perform, so we can share some genuine unique interaction and have some fun, so that, if you see me again, you’ll make the effort to come and see me. Not because I’m a magician, but because I’m AWESOME! (one day, maybe)

(By the way, I had to stop writing this post FOUR times, just so I could see a picture of me, in a dress, “meeting Mummy under a tree, having a kiss and then getting married”).


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