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23rd March – Pontefract Magician

Today I headed to Pontefract to entertain at a small birthday party at The Kings Croft Hotel for an 80th Birthday party.

It was a relatively small event, with five tables in one end of the big hall, so I had a massive walk from entering the room before I mad it to the tables, which is kind of strange when you’re entertaining between courses – there really is no way of surreptitiously approaching a table – they can see you approaching from 50 yards away.

As a magician, you can practice tricks, patter and techniques at home, but you never really know how a venue is going to be laid out, what the lighting is, how loud the music is; there is so much of being a magician that you can’t rehearse. To me, this is what makes it fun – the chance to meet new and (mostly) interesting people, interact with them and amaze them with magic!

If you’re having a party, or a celebration, and fancy having a magician come round and making your guests laugh, why not email me, so we can chat about your party?


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