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14th December 2013 – Preston Magician

Tonight was the first Officers Mess I would perform at – a small Lancashire event, held at Fulwood Barracks: An ultra top secret miltary base where super secret tests are carried out on Alien life forms (OK, that might not be totally true…).

Mind you, the “welcoming” gate made me think…

Magician in Preston performing amazing magic at events and weddings

I was to be a Preston table magician, entertaining the guests between courses of their meal. I was performing for the Officers who would be having a meal in a marquee. It was fantastic to see the guests in their full regalia. I’ve never felt quite so underdressed!

There was also casino games available and a band playing. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you see it), the band decided to start playing earlier than expected, which pretty much put a halt to my table magic. The last thing I want, or indeed CAN, do is compete with a full volume cover of “Addicted to love”.

It’s always worth considering this if you’re going to book a Preston magician. If you’re going to pay decent money for a decent magician, the last thing you want to do is arrange for a band to play at the same time; half the level of fun and interaction is lost. Sure, most decent Preston magicians have material that can be performed silently, but the real fun comes from interacting with the guests and building some rapport. For example, at one table tonight, I spent 10 minutes doing one card trick, during which I also learned the sign language for: Firewall, hedge, children’s book and tennis. I also learned that Adam (sat to my left) had an interesting wart and that Rachel, his partner, had a thing for Justin Bieber. Imagine how my life would’ve panned out if I was performing silently and hadn’t learned these vital nuggets!

Oh, I almost forgot! Do you want too see the security badge I got?

Preston magician in Lancashire for parties, weddings and corporate events

I’m always on the lookout to create some special magic presentations, and this badge gave me a great one. I always carry with me some small stickers of playing cards and I managed to stick one on this and use it in some of my effects, including one I performed for the security guard when I handed the badge back.

It’s been quite a while since I was last working as a Preston Magician, so it was good to come back. It was a great crowd and I had a lovely time doing card tricks for them.

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