Restaurant Magician In Manchester

Last night, I performed my first restaurant magic gig for what seems like ages at The Italian Room in Rochdale, near Manchester. I had a great time!

Thankfully, all the customers were up for a good time and a giggle. One table, who shall remain nameless (but not pictureless, see below) were particularly a good laugh.
Professional Close Up Table Magician

I think I spent about half an hour with them, and only managed to do two tricks!

That’s what I love about restaurant magic – it’s a great way to add a special element to customer’s evenings out. They get a great meal, and them some funny man walks up with a pack of cards and makes them laugh. It can be a fabulous experience for them

As a restaurant magician, I can entertain people waiting for food, waiting for tables or even experiencing delays. You can read more about the many, many (did I say many) advantages of having a professional Table Magician entertaining at your venue on the Restaurant Magician page.

As a magician, there is another excellent perk of performing in a superb restaurant. I can’t quite put my finger on it now though… 😉
Professional Close Up Magician

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