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12th December 2013 – Shropshire Magician

This was the first of three appearances I was making at the Bell Inn in Shifnal, Shropshire, where I was working as a Shropshire Party Magician for their Christmas party nights.

They had specially cordoned off an area for the Shropshire Christmas party guests, so that no one but them got to see any magic!

I felt special. Michael McIntyre special.

As the area was cordoned off, I got a chance to scope out the room (as well as try out the Panoramic feature on my phone’s camera):

Shropshire Christmas Party Close up magician

Lord, I’m a sad man….

Clearly the venue had high hopes for my act:

Shropshire party close up magician with amazing magic tricks

I wish I owned a rabbit and a top hat…

I don’t. I own packs of cards and bits of rope. I shall have to deal with it.

Anyway, I had great fun entertaining the Shropshire guests with my comedy magic between courses last night (many of which came specially to see the magician – can you believe that?). As they were here for a special occasion, they were al ready in a great party mood, so were up for a lot of fun. I had some great feedback from the booker on the night, and also this morning when she had collected responses from the guests. I’m back there next week at the same time when it’s even busier, so there will be even more Shropshire party guests to entertain!

Hiring a close up magician in Shropshire can be a fantastic way of entertaining your guests in intimate venues, like restaurants and bars; it’s a unique, interactive and fun experience that can be adapted to suit the group I’m performing for. If people don’t like magic, or don’t want to see much magic, that’s fine. I’m not going to get in there way, or ruin their lovely night out. It’s not like hiring a rock band or a DJ that pretty much takes over the entire restaurant with his “banging tunes” (God, I’m old).

If you have a restaurant or bar, and are looking for something to unique to entertain your guests, why not book a Close up magician for your venue to get your guests laughing and having a great time. Email me to have a chat about your event. 🙂







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