Shropshire Magician

19th December 2013 – Shropshire Magician

Back at the lovely Bell Tong pub in Shifnal, Shropshire tonight, working my Shropshire magic for the guests who had booked their Christmas parties at the venue. As a Shropshire Magician, Christmas is a very busy time, but, being booked as a Shropshire magician at a venue where there are a lot of different Christmas parties going on is quite unusual.

Fun, but unusual.

Tonight was a full house. As last week, all the Shropshire Christmas parties were in the back conservatory, allowing me to focus on one space and work my way around the room, one group at a time.

Enjoying parties tonight were some Shropshire nurses, a pensioner’s group and also staff from a Shropshire nursery who, apparently, forewarned the pub to say that they were going to be quite rowdy! You have to love considerate Shropshire party goers…

The magic went down a treat, and all the tables enjoyed the tricks and interaction. I even performed for a table of Shropshire Magicians (which is always a weird experience!).

Restaurants really do make a great venue for magic. Being a restaurant magician, I’ve seen how much fun guests get out of experiencing a fun magic trick. It can keep them entertained between courses, cover for delays, or really show a special party a great time. If you have a venue that could use some magic, why not have a look at my venue magician page for some more information.

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