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8th March 2014 – Staffordshire Birthday Party Magician

As a magician, I go to a lot of parties. Some are pretty standard affairs, but occasionally, you get to go to one that stands out from the rest. Tonight was one of those nights. I was asked to provide close up magic for a 21st Birthday party, which was being held at Baden Hall, near Eccleshall in Staffordshire. I was told that the theme was going to be Alice in Wonderland and that the room was going to be set up for a Mad Hatter’s style tea party for the birthday girl and all of her friends. As it was a 21st birthday party, I was expecting a lot of students, which is great, as they tend to really enjoy magic and are up for a great laugh. After speaking to the client, I was quite keen to see how the room would look.

I found the venue and drove up the drive, which was about a mile and a half. Despite this, flamingos were hanging from every single lampost leading to the entrance. Someone, somewhere has a really sore back! I arrived to find playing cards and sweets everywhere the eye could see. Table’s, chairs, the bar area; you name it, it was covered with playing cards or confectionery. If I’d have been left to my own devices, I could’ve stocked up on playing cards and gained about 4 stone. Thankfully, other entertainers being present prevented me going on a gluttonous rampage. The room where they would be eating was laid out in a similar manner, abound with “eat me” and “drink me” offerings. I also don’t think that I’ve ever seen some much bunting in one place!

Even though it was quite a loud atmosphere, it was really good fun. I was working alongside a caricaturist and a funky photobooth, so there was lots to keep the guests busy. I was performing mix and mingle magic as guests arrived, to break the ice and get people in a great mood for the rest of the night and  I was also asked to do some table magic too, between courses of the meal, to make sure that all the guests got to see some magic and have a great time!

A magician is a great way to get your guests laughing and entertain them. A great magician can work in almost any venue, meaning that you don’t need a special stage – you can just point him in the direction of your guests and let him get to work, he’ll do the rest!

If you’re having a birthday party and are on the lookout for something different to get your guests laughing, why not give me a call on 07950 338093 or email me to chat about your event?

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