Staffordshire Wedding Magician | Wedding Magician at Keele Hall

Man…this was a toughie.

Fun, but a tough one to get through.

Nice way to start a blog post eh?

First off, Keele Hall is a fabulous wedding venue. I hadn’t been there before so, when I was in a University car park with only one minute left on my Sat Nav journey time, I was convinced I’d got the wrong place, but, behind the bus shelters and road filled with speed bumps, lay this:

Close up wedding magician John Holt performs as a Keele magician

and I breathed a huge sigh of relief!

It’s always nice to know that you’ve arrived at the correct venue. 🙂

Tonight, I was the wedding magician for Rob and Laura, during the evening reception. It had clearly been a fun day as people were having a raucous time of it in the bar area. That can be a great sign, meaning that guests are up for having some fun (they’re also a lot easier to few when they’ve had one too many!). It can also be a bad sign. When people are TOO drunk, it can be very difficult to perform for and tonight was one of those times.

Don’t get me wrong, I had a fabulous time, but I had to work for it. People were challenging me, goading me, grabbing me, my pockets and – in one case – my backside. I heard some of the most outlandish explanations for some of my tricks, such as:

“You’ve got a photocopier concealed in your pocket”

“You two are related..he’s a stooge!”

“You peeled my signature off…it’s one of those magnetic ink pens!”

Normally, it’s children that a wedding magician has to fend off; they tend to follow you round to every single group you perform for, trying to catch the big secret to your tricks (of course, it’s the magnetic pen ;)), but tonight, I was being stalked by grown men, filled with mostly questions and alcohol, trying to suss out my tricks.

Amazingly, they didn’t and they had fun. I think this is one of the main reasons it’s so important to pick the right magician for you.

Professional magicians know that being a great magician is not about tricks. Anyone can do tricks. A professional magician uses tricks, humour, conversation, jokes and his attitude and inter personal skills to create a great atmosphere for your guests. Tonight’s gig wasn’t about doing tricks, it was completely about interaction, and interaction comes from having the social skills to relate to your guests and work out the best way to give them some fun!. Forget about cards, coins and bits of rope, interaction is the REAL secret and the thing that your guests will remember!

If you’re having a wedding, or a corporate event and are looking for a magician to mix with your guests, show them some great magic AND make them laugh, why not email me to see how I could help make your event the best it can be?

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