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24th June 2014 – Stockport Magician for a birthday party

I’m used to performing in homes, grand halls, hotels and conference centres, however today’s event was a unique one to say the least. I was performing my close up magic at Hazel Grove in Stockport – supported accommodation for older adults at a 90th birthday party! I don’t do many 90th birthday parties, so was expecting a quiet and respectful affair.

To say I was wrong would be an understatement.

The best thing I can do is show you what the event was like is to copy the email I got the following day:

“Have been meaning to get in touch just to thank you so much for making my mums party such a great evening. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed your magic and have not stopped commenting on it. My nieces were in awe of you, they just love magicians, and you obviously brought out the devil in some people….making grannies wanting to pole dance and several apartment keys being waved under your nose! Many thanks once again, you have a great personality, thoroughly enjoyed you being there, and would not hesitate to contact you again or recommend you to anyone.”

“Making grannies want to pole dance” is exactly the reason I got into magic! 😉

It’s long been my view that, to a large extent, it doesn’t really matter WHAT you do as a magician, but HOW you do it and how you make people feel. At a 90th birthday party, people just wanted to have some fun, and that’s what I gave them. It was a really fun night and, if you ever get invited to a 90th birthday party, but feel like crying off, through fear of it being too boring…don’t!

If you’re ever on the lookout for someone to get your guests laughing, why not send me an email, so we can chat about your event?

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