Stockport Party Magician

12th October – Tonight I performed as a Stockport magician, at a private house for a 50th birthday party.

I was working alongside a caricaturist, who had set up base camp in the lounge, while I was to work round the house, dodging the small children and various hot buffet items.

As a close up magician, I’m used to working under quite close conditions. I’ve also worked a long time on developing an act that is not restricted in this kind of environment. I love the hustle and bustle of a busy party, with people milling around everywhere – it makes for a really positive and fun atmosphere; which helps me tremendously!

The host was really pleased with the reactions to both the magic and the caricatures, which is always nice.

If you’re having a party, and are looking for something fun and different to entertain your guests, give me a call on 07950 338093 today!

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