Tesco Christmas Party Magician – Chesterfield

24th November 2013 – I’ll always remember tonight, though not always for the right reasons (more on that later). Tonight I performed at my first Christmas party – for Tesco at the Proact Stadium in Chesterfield. Being a Christmas party magician, December is always a busy month…and I love it! lots of people in a fun mood, looking to let off steam and have some fun…or just get blind drunk! Either way, I don’t mind – it’s their party and I’m there to make them giggle.

Close up table magic for your Christmas party

I was warned by the hotel staff that it could be a rowdy one. I think most people are scared by warnings like that, but I think it’s great. The absolute best thing I hope for at every gig is that people are confident enough to interact. I want them to say lines, jokes and comebacks. It’s one of the things that makes every single performance a unique one, and it’s what I thrive on. I give as good as I get, but I can’t give it, unless I get it! 🙂

It turns out that it was a rowdy crowd, but it was great fun. I normally get people to sign playing cards, for a few reasons I won’t go into here, but tonight, along with signatures, I collected a few swear words and also some anatomical drawings! I’d post pictures, but then I’d have to impose parental restrictions on the site.

This is actually the first of two events I’m performing for Tesco (the other is their staff Christmas lunch – some people just can’t get enough magic!). I plan on utilising the previously signed and drawn upon playing cards to my advantage at the second event.

Magic can be a fabulous way to kick off your Christmas party. As people arrive, why not have a magician mingling amongst them to amaze them and make them laugh. It breaks the ice and, if you have different people who aren’t familiar with each other, can help bring groups together in a non intimidating way. How about having a magician walk around the tables, between courses, keeping the atmosphere fun while they enjoy the meal.

Oh, and the wrong reason that I’ll remember tonight…I had a crash on the way home when I hit some ice and flipped my car.

Close up magician for Christmas parties and events

I’m completely unhurt, but a little shaken.

For now, I’ve ticked “spectacular car crash” off the bucket list.

Now, I need to go car shopping….

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