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18th October 2014 – Magician in Hebburn, Tyne and Wear

Tyne and Wear tonight, specifically “The Kelly” in Hebburn, where I was booked to perform my own blend of amazing magic (I can’t believe I actually typed that!) and comedy.

Basically, I just turn up at the venue, take the mickey for a bit and do some card tricks; but that doesn’t sound quite as elegant somehow…

Tonight was a good laugh. When I go to places that are upmarket, there is a tendency for the formal attire and venue to make people more uptight than usual; their guard is up, they’re very aware of their behaviour. It’s like how you act when you meet your partner’s parents for the first time and want to make an impression.

Tonight wasn’t grand and it wasn’t upmarket by any stretch, but people let their hair down and had a grand time of it. They enjoyed the magic and they enjoyed the banter too, which makes it a great night for me!

If you’re thinking of getting your guests laughing with some amazing magic (I’m back on it again), why not visit my main page and see what people have said about me? Or you can email me if you’d like to ask any questions.

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