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14th February 2014 – Wales Magician for Valentines day!

Ah, Valentines day; a lovely romantic day to get married and have a fabulous day. Also a great way of cutting down and only buying one romantic gift for your wife every year – genius move! 😉

Today, I was at the lovely Plas Isaf venue in Wales, performing as a wedding magician after the wedding service and before the wedding breakfast. This can be a time that a lot of brides and groom think about hiring some form of wedding entertainment, as they worry about their guests getting bored, or not having anything to do. Rather than ply them all with free booze (which can have hazardous results later on), you can give your guests something fun and different to get interacting with. I’ve got a few ideas on how magic can be used at weddings in my “Guide to hiring a wedding magician” page in case you’re interested (and you should be; hiring a magician for your wedding is the ONLY way to go 😉 ).

The bride and groom were wedding photographers (as were 90% of their guests), which made it feel like a wedding showcase. Normally, you see lots of people taking photo’s with cameras but, at this wedding, everyone was wielding 1000’s of pounds worth of equipment, with lenses bigger than tankards! The bride and groom will have to take a month off to go through all the photos!

It was great fun to perform at though, and everybody had a great time. It was also good to perform for wedding professionals; people who really know their stuff about the industry (as I say, it felt more like a networking event than a wedding!).

If you’re getting married and are looking for something, different, unique and, most importantly, FUN for your wedding guests, send me an email so I can tell you how I can get your guests laughing and having a fabulous time on YOUR special day with my wedding entertainment packages. 🙂

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