Wedding magician in Wigan

wedding magician in Wigan

Wigan wedding magician

My first event after my Christmas holiday (2 days counts as a holiday in my book!) was performing close up magic at a wedding, held at Haigh Hall in Wigan.

It was a lovely, if not cold, day and the combination of Christmas and a happy wedding made for some excited guests today, making my job of entertaining them that much easier!

I was performing magic during the photo period, so while the happy couple worked out some fabulous poses, I was entertaining the guests and keeping them busy. This is always a fabulous time to have a magician, as it takes the pressure of you, allowing you to enjoy the photos!

If you’re looking for some other ways a magician could help you on your wedding day, why not have a quick read of my “Guide to hiring a wedding magician” page, or email me to see how I could get your guests laughing!

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