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20th March 2014 – Wirral Magician

Someone once told me that performing magic tricks at kids parties is like walking through a safari park dressed as a cheeseburger. I’ve never had any inkling of an urge to perform as a kids magician; give me a bunch of drunken adults any day!

Today I was asked to perform at a 17th birthday party which is somewhere in between: I don’t have to wear clown pants and do a squeaky voice, but they’re not quite the same as the corporate audiences I perform for.

17 year olds are a weird bunch to perform for. Some are confident and happy to engage in the magic, while others are still trying to give off the cool vibe that makes me want to check for a pulse every couple of minutes. Tonight, I was crammed into a front room in Newton on the Wirral, to perform magic for some groups and, although less than ideal, it was good fun. Most of the kids (I’m 39, so I’m calling them kids) were of the “cool” variety, but were still able to relax to have a bit of a laugh anyway.

If you’re having a party for someone over the age of 17, and fancy a bit of magic to get them laughing, why not have a look at my Wirral Magician page, to see some of my past clients and what they have said about me. Or, if you’d like to check my availability, why not send me a quick email?

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