Wolverhampton Magician for Trade Show

8th July 2014 – Trade Show magician in Wolverhampton

It’s not often I get asked to do trade shows, but it’s a market that magicians have found to be successful – using magic as a well of soft selling product benefit and features to customers, all while getting them laughing and smiling during a trick!

Tonight I was at the David Manners group, as they held an open day and showcase for owners and collectors of “Mini” cars, who had a chance to showcase their vehicles and meet fellow collectors.

I was asked to entertain the owners and collectors as the walked round, drawing their attention to the counter, where new and replacement parts were available. It’s a fine balance as a magician; after all, you are there to entertain, but you don’t want to get in the way of people spending money!

If you’re holding a trade event and are looking for a trade show magician, why not email me so we can chat about how I could help build footfall and help qualify leads at your next exhibition?

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