Pay the Price to Have an Awesome Wedding or Party

How much would you pay to have YOUR perfect event?

Probably the most famous of all the self help books is Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. Hill spent 25 years researching and interviewing hundreds of the worlds most richest men, to try to find the secret to wealth and riches.

It’s an oldie, but a goodie.

If you want to know if he found the secret, and what it is, you’ll have to buy the book (which you can do by clicking here). As always, my goal with these Magic Book Club posts isn’t to dissect or summarise the entire book, just to give you a snippet of information from each that can be of use when planning your event, party or wedding.

So, what can a book about gaining financial independence offer by way of help when it comes to planning an event?

Well, if you consider that both having a perfect party and earning a million pounds are just goals, you’ll see the similarity. Both are things you desire to happen in the future and you’re going to have to learn, try and do new things to get better results if you hope to achieve them.

In the book, Napoleon lists a process for completing any goal you may want to set for yourself, and it’s from this that today’s tip is taken, specifically, the second step:

“What price are you going to have to pay in order to achieve your goal?”

You rarely get something for nothing in this world, so what are you going to have to do, learn or become to get the result (dream wedding, gorgeous body or fancy new car) you really want?

Are you going to have to cut carbs and exercise three times a week so that you can look awesome in your wedding suit, or are you going to have to scrimp and save every penny, while working overtime to make sure you have enough cash for that snazzy new BMW?

It’s the same when planning an event, such as a wedding. You’re going to have to recognise the price you are going to have to pay for the perfect wedding, whether it be in the form of time spent visiting suppliers, wedding fayres and open days, or the cost of paying for top notch services such as: bands, venues, caterers and magicians (sorry, I couldn’t resist).

Of course, the time and money “see saw” can be balanced in different ways.

If you’re planning a party on a budget, you may decide to spend more time researching, and booking, services yourself, to minimise the cost outlay. If time isn’t on your side, but money is (lucky you!), you may decide to outsource the whole thing to a party planner, who can do all of the hard work for you.

What price are YOU willing to pay?

The point is, there are rarely any shortcuts or hacks for getting the result you’re after. There’s no way around it; You’re going to have to put in the work.

Sure, that DJ is really cheap, but his insistence that he never uses contracts or takes deposits is more likely to cause you problems than it is to reduce them.

Do you really want to spend the night before your wedding ringing round DJ’s, after yours accepted a better paying gig?

Probably not.

Do the work and pay the price; whatever that is.

This is just one tip from the classic Think and Grow Rich Book by Napoleon Hill. Click the link to buy the book on Amazon if you’d like to read more, or you can read some of the other posts in the Magic Book Club by clicking here.

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