Teaching Card Magic

As I said in this post, for a long time, I’ve wanted to teach people card magic. I know I’m biased, but I think card magic is a great skill to learn. Think about it; how good would it be to amaze people without any fancy props? It’s also a fantastic ice breaker and it teaches you skills about interaction and presentation that will come in very handy, no matter what you do in life!

At the end of October, I held my first “Introduction to Card Magic” class in Duttons bar in Chester. I deliberately kept the numbers low (10 places) and the costs even lower (free), so as to minimise the pressure, as I was still unsure as to how it would be received.

Despite all 10 places being taken up rather quickly, only 3 people actually turned up (maybe I should charge next time). Despite the low numbers, we still did the class and had a great time. I managed to teach the tricks and ideas that I wanted to teach and I also got some great feedback about the night, which I can implement in the future. The best feedback was that all 3 thought that the “Introduction to Card Magic” class was an idea worth continuing in the future.

I also managed to complete an ebook of notes on the class, which I intend to give to all attendees in the future (that way, you don’t have to make notes through the class, you can just have fun!).

So, if you know of someone who might be interested in learning some basic (but still amazing) card magic, feel free to point them to my website and get them to sign up for the newsletter, as all future offerings will be on there first! I can’t promise as to how often the classes will be, nor can I be sure of the price at the moment (though it’ll probably be no more than £5), but I’ll attempt to keep it as regular as possible, for as long as people are interested.

For those that don’t already know, the class mixes tricks and techniques with principles and theory, so you learn more than just how to do a trick. The aim is that you’ll go away thinking up ideas of how to create your own magic that you can share with friends, family and workmates – all with a borrowed pack of cards!

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