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Regular readers of the blog (Hi Mum!) will know that I have created a series of articles based around the “How To Think Like A Magician” premise – the idea that magicians learn a whole bunch of skills, quite aside from the actual magic and sleight of hand, that many people are impressed by and would like to learn and use in their own life. Such things as; how to approach people, how to be creative and how to write and rehearse scripts/presentations. You can find these articles on the blog by clicking the “Think Like A Magician” category on the right hand side of this page.

I’m hoping to much more with this idea over the coming weeks and months and would like your help. If you have a question about the job of a magician, the answer of which would help you in your life, please ask. If you’re giving a presentation and wanting to know how to rehearse or present ideas, let me know. If you want to be more confident in front of people at parties, send me an email.  If you want to know “how does that Dynamo do that trick where he, like, you know, walks on the water?”, don’t email me, but if you have an issue that you think a magicians thinking could help with, give me a yell. I have ideas for future blog posts, but am very aware that I take a lot of my job for granted.

The whole reason for the Think Like A Magician series occurred when I was approached by a booker with the question “how do you do that?” after performing at a table. I thought she was referring to the trick I had performed, but she was asking about how I can feel comfortable approaching a table of ten people (none of which I know) and, within a few seconds, get them on my side and having a laugh.


So, do you have a question or problem you’d like a magicians help with? Email me and let’s see if I can get you to Think Like A Magician.

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